Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Welcome to my palace
The unreal world
The place of symbols and matrix
Passing time and momentum
Running around uncontrolled

No words from mine are truth
For my smile is just a pixel
And my heart beats like machine
Since your icon no longer exists

Do you want to chat with me?
I am just a cyber
An empty space between spaces
A bar and a line
Straight and broke and end
When you put me on a pedestal
Leave this imagination for a milisecond
To the world of trees and human

But no, not me
I am too scared of reality
Not ready yet
Not brave enough
To touch your face

I’ll stay here I'm okay
Staying alive with dead monitors
Until my skin can feel
The soil and the sky
And the love of yours

dibuat entah kapan oleh val


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