Monday, April 05, 2010

Citizen of Faith

This is my Post Easter Memoir:
"What is the driving force behind these hundreds of people?"

They come around to church during the big holiday events. Thundering like flocks of birds, roaming like ants. Filling the empty seats at this more than vast halls and parking lots, putting their hands together... Chanting graces.

Is it guilt? Mere obligation? Search of future companion?
Or is it possible that somehow, there is an absolute divine power flicks onto their small little frozen hearts?
What's your excuse?

Born and raised in a Catholic family, i have learned how to act accordingly. I am "obliged" to learn the big book of Bible, attend the weekly mass, and put my God-given talents at church's disposal - all of which to please my parents.

Nevertheless... i do think that Bible is a great (his)story book worth reading (sometimes).
i loved to go to the weekly mass to catch a glimpse of my teenage-crush. i love it more when i've come to realize that attending mass and pray is a need, not an obligatory task.
and i am happy to humbly serve, proudly praise my God with my big voice :)

I do believe in this.
As long as one still seek goodness in others, and sincerely try to do good for others (regardless of their religions-or no religion), then one has become a citizen of faith.

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Monday, March 01, 2010

Dear Mom...

Dear Mom,

i know that i haven't been the greatest daughter..
nor the smartest.
nor the kindest.
nor the cutest.

but i LOVE you with all my heart.
despite of all the differences and the fights and the sarcasm we say to each other throughout the years.
despite of all the things other people say or think or feel towards our little family.
despite of all the stormy weathers.

in my eyes,
you are the STRONGEST person i've ever known.
how you struggled in your past... to get the beat out of yourself, your education, your family, and your love.
how you sacrificed your feeling, your pride, and your religion to be united with your beloved.
how you married your husband and loved him with your soul, through the good and the bad, happy or sad, sickness and health, till death parted you... and even now, after his departure, you love him still.
how you cried your heart out when no one listen.
how you tried to break down all the barriers, be reckoned, and stayed low.
how you raise your daughters with your own touches and disciplines.
how you pray every night for your family.

i know that i could never be as strong as you. as loving as you.
and i may not be able to compose the most beautiful prayer, but i wish you these..
health, love, and happiness.

HEALTH.. i hope you'll be granted good health till many more years to come. do not let the drama carry you away. do not worry much about those people who always try to tear our family apart.
LOVE.. even if we, your daughters, do not seem to care much. you always be the queen of our heart. you may still love your past husband, but if someday you might want to open your heart and discover a new love in the face of another… i will be right there at your side.
HAPPINESS.. i hope that your life is filled with abundant little things that will keep you happy and content. i wish that i can be one of those little things that can make you happy and proud.

God bless you.


Jakarta, March 1, 2010,

your loving daughter ♥

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Public Transportation in Jakarta [1]

The strong heat of Jakarta welcomes you at Soekarno-Hatta airport. Soon enough, you (specifically addressing Jakarta-first-timer) may experience the big fuzz every traveler mumbles about Jakarta all year long: traffic!

Yes, public transportation in Jakarta can be considered as a BIG headache!

As soon as you get off Soekarno-Hatta airport (assuming that you have no escort) you will be magically drawn into the mass of taxi drivers offering you to have their services.

Hmm.. what should you do?

The best thing is to order a taxi from inside the airport. You should check on the taxi desk nearby the baggage area. The cost will be around 200.000 IDR, and you will be driven straight to your destination. Rent a car is also an option, but the cost is higher, around 500.000 IDR.

The second best thing (backpackers, this one is for you) is to hop on the DAMRI (Djawatan Angkoetan Motor Repoeblik Indonesia). It's like airport-city shuttle bus. The buses are nice, clean, with AirCo (don't worry), and luggage dock. It only cost you around 20.000-30.000 IDR to get to the city center. From the city center you can continue by taxi (see below).

You can ask the airport staff, where to sit and wait for the DAMRIs. The DAMRI starts very early, around 4 am. and the interval between the DAMRIs are 15-20 minutes.

Here are some DAMRI routes:
  • Soekarno-Hatta Airport - Blok M (bus terminal, south Jakarta). IF you are heading to west/south Jakarta (Slipi, Semanggi) you can ask the driver to drop you there.
  • Soekarno-Hatta Airport - Lebak Bulus (bus terminal, south-east Jakarta)
  • Soekarno-Hatta Airport - Rawa Mangun (bus terminal, east Jakarta)
  • Soekarno-Hatta Airport - Kampung Rambutan (bus terminal, east Jakarta)
  • Soekarno-Hatta Airport - Pasar Minggu (bus terminal, east Jakarta)
  • Soekarno-Hatta Airport - Tanjung Priok (north of Jakarta)
  • Soekarno-Hatta Airport - Kemayoran (north part of Jakarta)
  • Soekarno-Hatta Airport - Bekasi (east part of Jakarta)
  • Soekarno-Hatta Airport - Cikarang
  • Soekarno-Hatta Airport - Gambir (train station, central Jakarta). IF you accomodation is located on the central Jakarta (Kebon Sirih, KH. Wahid Hasyim) you can ask the driver to drop you there.
  • Soekarno-Hatta Airport - Serang, Banten (West Java)
  • Soekarno-Hatta Airport - Bogor (West Java). The cost to get directly to Bogor is a little higher, around 30.000 IDR. But it's considered very cheap, if you compare it with taxis.
Click here to see DAMRI routes and hours.
Of course, you can also go to the airport using the DAMRIs.

So, since you are now in town... How do you get yourself to places? Unfortunately, Jakarta has not yet equipped with fancy rapid transportation system such as the subways, or trams. But we do have several options :)

If you are blessed with extra money on your pocket, then use taxi to run around Jakarta. Just go to you hotel lobby, usually the taxis are already lined up there, waiting to serve you. The standard taxis i recommend are from:

* Blue Bird (light blue with some kind of wing atop), to order by phone: +62 21 7917 1234

Taxi Pusaka Nuri, Pusaka Satria (also light blue, but different logo) are also part of the Blue Bird group. Please do beware that there are a lot of "Blue bird" imitation - as in the colour and the logo. Make sure that there are "Blue Bird Group" stated on the taxi before you take the ride. Besides blue bird, you can also ask for a more sleek and fancy taxi, Silver Bird (black ones). The cost is slightly higher that blue bird.

even the picture looks fancy

Some taxis are considerably cheaper than blue bird. You can see the sign of "tarif lama" or
"tarif bawah" or basic fee usually written on its window. Here are some "tarif bawah" taxis that you may trust:

* Express
(white), to order by phone: +62 21 2650 9000

Express taxi also offer a big luxurious transport using Toyota Alphard. It's called Tiara Express. To order by phone: +62 21 2650 8000

* Putra (dark blue), to order by phone: +62 21 7817771

* Gamya
(dark blue-green), to order by phone: +62 21 8779 5555 and 840 3838

* Trans Cab (bright yellow, like those in NY), to order by phone: +62 21 583 55 500. This one is nice because it has cable tv on it that you can watch during your trip :) takes your mind off the busy road.

Some TIPS:
  • If you are (unwillingly) stranded somewhere in Jakarta at night, you can always call the taxis. But if you forget to write down taxi phone number, and you can only find the "suspicious taxi", always make sure that the driver will use the argo (meter). Otherwise, you may find yourself giving away thousands IDRs for a short ride.
  • Even if you take a ride on the taxi, please make sure that you have the specific destination/address at hand (esp. when you are looking for an address - some friends/relatives' place) so that it will ease the driver too.
  • You can also talk with the driver to "bond" in some way that the taxi ride will be more enjoyable :)

There are also another public transportation that you can take. Let me start with the big and shiny one...

Trans Jakarta, or the local often calls "BUSWAY" - which actually refers to the bus lane, currently have 9 routes called "koridor" that can take you to most places in Jakarta.

Ticket price:
05.00-07.00 = 2000 IDR
07.00-22.00 = 3500 IDR

Trans Jakarta is nice when it's not so crowded

Usually, we can differentiate the bus route through its different colours:
Koridor 1: red-yellow Mercedes-Benz & Hino
Koridor 2: blue-white and grey Daewoo
Koridor 3: red-yellow and grey Daewoo
Koridor 4: grey Daewoo & Hyundai (JTM), Hino (PP)
Koridor 5: grey double HuangHai (JMT), double Komodo (LRN)
Koridor 6: grey Daewoo & Hyundai (JTM), bus Hino (PP)
Koridor 7: grey Daewoo & Hyundai (JMT), bus Hino (LRN)
Koridor 8: grey Hino (LRN) bus Hino (PP)

Trans Jakarta - the red one

Here are some links (taken from to download the Trans Jakarta routes:
Download link (printable version) - 507 KB
Download link (complete version) - 1536 KB
IF by any chances, you left your luggage or anything on the bus, you can call BLU Trans Jakarta +62 21 7228727

KORIDOR 1 (Blok M - Kota)
*Halte Kota: Stop here if you wish to continue you journey by train (Station Kota) or to Mangga Dua shopping district (with a short angkot ride).
*Halte Glodok
*Halte Olimo
*Halte Mangga Besar
*Halte Sawah Besar
*Halte Harmoni: Stop here if you want to transfer to Koridor 2, 3, and 8 (holiday only)
*Halte Monas: Stop here if you wish to go to Monas (the national monument and iconic symbol of Jakarta) or to pay a visit to Museum Gajah (the national museum).
*Halte Bank Indonesia
*Halte Sarinah: Stop here if you want to go to Sarinah, Jl. Sabang, or Jl. Jaksa. This area is blessed with 24-hour food, late night snack, and cozy place to hang out (with beer, of course).
*Halte Bundaran HI: Stop here if you want to go to Plaza Indonesia and EX mall.
*Halte Tosari: Stop here if you want to go to Grand Indonesia.
*Halte Dukuh Atas: Stop here if you want to transfer to Koridor 4 and 6.
*Halte Setia Budi
*Halte Karet
*Halte Benhill: Stop here if you want to go to Plaza Semanggi.
*Halte Polda Metro: Stop here if you want to go to Pasific Place (walk a little bit).
*Halte Gelora Bung Karno: Stop here if you want to go to FX Mall (walk a little bit).
*Halte Bundara Senayan: Stop here if you want to go to Ratu Plaza. Get to the back of Ratu Plaza, and voila! you are already in Plaza Senayan. Another 5 minutes walk, and you get to Senayan City :)
*Halte Masjid Agung
*Halte Blok M: Stop here if you want to go to Blok M area.

KORIDOR 2 (Pulo Gadung - Harmoni)
*Halte Pulo Gadung
*Halte Bermis
*Halte Pulomas
*Halte Asmi: Stop here if you want to go to Kelapa Gading area.
*Halte Pedongkelan
*Halte Cempaka Timur
*Halte RS. Islam
*Halte Cempaka Tengah
*Halte Pasar Cempaka Putih
*Halte Rawa Selatan
*Halte Galur
*Halte Senen: Stop here if you want to transter to Koridor 5.
*Halte RSPAD
*Halte Deplu
*Halte Istiqlal
*Halte Juanda
*Halte Pecenongan
*Halte Harmoni: Stop here if you want to transfer to Koridor 1, 3, and 8 (holiday only).

Trans Jakarta - the blue one

KORIDOR 3 (Kalideres - Pasar Baru)
*Halte Kalideres
*Halte Pesakih
*Halte Sumur Bor
*Halte Rawa Buaya
*Halte Jembatan Baru
*Halte Dispenda Samsat Barat
*Halte Jembatan Gantung
*Halte Taman Kota
*Halte Indosiar
*Halte Jelambar: Stop here if you want to go to Mall Ciputra/Citraland.
*Halte Grogol: Stop here if you want to transfer to Koridor 8.
*Halte RS Sumber Waras
*Halte Harmoni: Stop here if you want to transfer to Koridor 1 and 2.
*Halte Pecenongan
*Halte Juanda
*Halte Pasar Baru: Stop here if you want to go to Pasar Baru area.

KORIDOR 4 (Pulogadung - Dukuh Atas)
*Halte Pulogadung
*Halte Tugas
*Halte Pertamina
*Halte Telkom
*Halte Tarakanita
*Halte Sunan Giri
*Halte IKIP
*Halte Kehakiman
*Halte BPKP
*Halte Utan Kayu
*Halte Pasar Genjing
*Halte Pasar Pramuka
*Halte Matraman I: Stop here if you want to transfer to Koridor 5.
*Halte Manggarai
*Halte Pasar Rumput
*Halte Halimun
*Halte Dukuh Atas 2: Stop here if you want to transfer to Koridor 1 and 6.

KORIDOR 5 (Ancol - Kampung Melayu)
*Halte Ancol: Stop here if you want to go to Ancol or Dufan.
*Halte Pademangan
*Halte Gunung Sahari Mangga Dua: Stop here if you want to go to Mangga Dua area.
*Halte Jembatan Merah
*Halte Pasar Baru Timur
*Halte Budi Utomo
*Halte Senen: Stop here if you want to transfer to Koridor 2.
*Halte Pal Putih
*Halte Kramat Sentiong (NU)
*Halte Salemba Universitas Indonesia
*Halte Salemba St. Carolus
*Halte Matraman 1: Stop here if you want to transfer to Koridor 4.
*Halte Tegalan: Stop here if you want to go to Gramedia bookstore. The one in Matraman is the biggest in Jakarta.
*Halte Slamet Riyadi
*Halte Urip Sumohardjo
*Halte Kebon Pala
*Halte Pasar Jatinegara
*Halte Kampung Melayu: Stop here if you want to transter to Koridor 7.

Trans Jakarta - the (double) grey one

KORIDOR 6 (Ragunan - Dukuh Atas)
*Halte Ragunan: Stop here if you want to go to Ragunan Zoo.
*Halte Departemen Pertanian
*Halte SMK 57
*Halte Jati Padang
*Halte Pejaten Phillips: Stop here if you want to go to Kemang area, continue with minibus or taxi.
*Halte Buncit Indah
*Halte Warung Jati
*Halte Imigrasi
*Halte Duren Tiga
*Halte Mampang Prapatan
*Halte Kuningan Timur
*Halte Patra Kuningan
*Halte Depkes
*Halte GOR Sumantri: Stop here if you want to go to Pasar Festival, and Mega Kuningan area.
*Halte Karet Kuningan
*Halte Kuningan Madya Aini
*Halte Setiabudi Utara
*Halte Latu Harhari
*Halte Halimun: Stop here if you want to transter to Koridor 4.
*Halte Dukuh Atas 2: Stop here if you want to transter to Koridor 1.

KORIDOR 7 (Kampung Rambutan – Kampung Melayu)
*Halte Kampung Rambutan
*Halte Tanah Merdeka
*Halte Flyover Raya Bogor
*Halte RS Harapan Bunda
*Halte Pasar Induk Kramat Jati
*Halte Cililitan PGC
*Halte BKN
*Halte Cawang UKI
*Halte BNN
*Halte Cawang Otista
*Halte Gelanggang Remaja
*Halte Bidaracina
*Halte Kampung Melayu: Stop here to transfer to Koridor 5.

KORIDOR 8 (Lebak Bulus – Harmoni)
*Halte Lebak Bulus
*Halte Pondok Pinang
*Halte Pondok Indah 1: Stop here if you want to go to Pondok Indah Mall.
*Halte Pondok Indah 2: Stop here if you want to go to Pondok Indah night area.
*Halte Tanah Kusir Kodim
*Halte Kebayoran Lama Bungur
*Halte Pasar Kebayoran Lama
*Halte Simprug
*Halte Permata Hijau: Stop here if you want to go to ITC Permata Hijau and Belleza Mall.
*Halte Permata Hijau RS Medika
*Halte Pos Pengumben
*Halte Kelapa Dua Sasak
*Halte Kebon Jeruk
*Halte Duri Kepa
*Halte Kedoya Assiddiqiyah
*Halte Kedoya Green Garden
*Halte Grogol 2: Stop here to transfer to Koridor 3.
*Halte Tomang Taman Anggrek: Stop here if you want to go to Taman Anggrek Mall.
*Halte Tomang Mandala (only during holiday)
*Halte RS Tarakan (only during holiday)
*Halte Petojo (only during holiday)
*Halte Harmoni: Stop here to transfer to Koridor 1 and 2 (only during holiday)

Koridor 9 Pinang Ranti - Halte Pluit (coming soon, 2010)

Koridor 10 Cililitan - Tanjung Priok (coming soon, 2010)

Koridor 11-15 are still in development :)

Hopefully, the trans Jakarta transportation system can be fully operated by 2012.. I mean , before we all die because of the end of the world hehehe *jk. Then, it will be so much easier to transfer from one place to another. Easier, and hopefully, faster.

There are more about transportation in Jakarta: buses, angkots, bemos, etc. on the (upcoming) second [2] part.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No. 2

a back-up plan.

weekend getaway.

the other one.

a maybe.

Do you know how it feels not to be the Priority?


i do. i know.
i sometimes treat people that way, too.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

My Travel Wishlist

Traveling is one of my passions.
I developed this certain passion since i was a little girl, used to travel with my nomad family across Indonesia. I said that i want to go abroad someday.. and got everybody laughed at me as a reply. Somehow, I managed to get a 'scholarship' and went to the Netherlands... where my world-wide adventure begun :)

So far, I have visited several countries (outside the Netherlands) - all using my own saving and salary :) Switzerland, Greece, a little bit of Germany, a little bit of Austria, a little bit of Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Singapore, and Australia.

This year, I have plan to go on a budget travel (kapan sih engga hahaha) to Vietnam and Thailand.

But don't see me as an Indonesia-hater. On the contrary, I love every culture carved in perfection in Indonesia. I would love to spend months of traveling across Indonesia, drink in all the stunning view, know every local languages, master every traditional songs and dances.. However, traveling inside Indonesia cost a fortune! The plane ticket is freaking expensive... and one can not really depend on transportation. The journey that was supposed to be one-month journey can extend to 3-or-4month journey. So far, I have been to 4 out of 5 main islands in Indonesia. The only places left untouched is Papua. I have to go there someday :)

If i do have the time, the money, the luck, and the strength...
I want to go to:
I shall skip the places i have visited, even though i do want to go there again. ..

Going to Japan is my living dream! I want to live there and breathe the air in the country of the rising sun! I can only wish I was born a Japanese >.<

*Russia: Moscow

Russia and Japan trip will be the most expensive trip offered in any travel agencies (at least in Indonesia), I don't know why. Personally, I am amazed on how big the country is, how marvelous the architectures are, and.. I love Anastasia.

Recently, i have a growing passion of visiting Argentina. In my imagination, Argentina appear to be a little different from the all-hectic all-summery all-bikinis Brazil. With the blue blue sky and beautiful mountains. If i am not mistaken, Argentinan speaks Portuguese instead of Spanish. I'm gonna love Argentina more because it is the birthplace of Tango!

*Italy: Rome, Venice, Cicily, Vatican
I missed out Italy when I was having a road trip back in Europe. The exotic handsome men... with brown eyes and brown hair... the scent of salty water... the beautiful architecture... the intertwined love and religion... all in one.

The Mediterranean-African breeze tingles my ears every time i think about Morocco.

*Turkey: Istanbul
The sound of the belly dancing music follows you every step of the way. The smoke of Shisha and the indulging smell of Turkish kebab and falafel will keep me there and drown me.

*Greece: Santorini (again), Crete, and other cities in the main island.
Greece is one of my favourite countries. It is not because of it's white and blue houses (because white and blue are not my colours), it is because of the myths within. Yes, I fancy astrology, I fancy Greek Gods & Goddesses. My superstitious soul comes from my Greek DNA hehe..

*Spain: Seville, Canary islands, Granada
I love Spain! I can see my self living in Madrid, walking around in the city, loving life. I have only been to Madrid and Barcelona during a road trip with my girlfriends back in 2006. Going back to Spain again, visit more places, drink more sangria, eat more paella, and maybe fall in love... aww, what a dream...

The cosmic of those giant pyramids makes me wonder if i can sit at the top of one of its sphinxes and eat my lunch - just like that scene on Jumper hahaha

*Norway & Finland
The Scandinavian islands! I imagine chilly wind blows every now and then, making me wish i never went the first place. But i guess it will cool to wear furry winter jacket most of the time. Also, i want to see the place where several of my classmates come from.

*Germany: Berlin
Next to Holland, but I never really got the time (or money) to travel to Berlin. Yes, I am lame :P

*UK: London
I mean, c'mon... Europe without the all hectic, weather-crazy, English men with strong British accent London? I want to hop on to the double-decker bus, ride on the cute taxi, and be preppy. Maybe, i will see Hogwarts too - sprinkle myself with a little bit of Harry Potter's magic dust, disappear under his cloak. Pfff... why is UK so expensive?

*Ireland: Dublin
The home of Irish pub for a change. I will be dizzy trying to figure out what the people are talking. Or yet, maybe i will be fluently talking English with Irish accent!

The thrill of safari in Africa fills the head of every real traveler, that is my belief. The extreme heat, the wild life, and the drumbeat of local people dancing with their colourful dresses... Gosh! Why does travel to Africa can be so expensive?

It is like being in the middle of nowhere, literally! Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, disappear from the map of the world for a while. That will be a "WoW" experience.

*Thailand: Bangkok etc
Thailand will be the closest exotic destination in Asia. I imagine living around people talking in funny Thai accent :) like some of my Thai friends in Holland. Plus, i love love love Thai food!

*Vietnam & Laos

Next to Thailand, there are Vietnam and Laos. I don't really know what to expect in those to countries. Need to have more researches! Well.. I'll be going to Thailand & Vietnam this year! yay!

*USA: NYC & Hawaii
US is not listed in my travel preferences. Well, but i do want to see Hawaii. Me and my tanned skin will blend easily with local people of Hawaii. Another city i want to see is New York - and pretend to be one of SATC girls! :p

I think it's a wonderful place. Although i am not sure i will be able to climb. I'm no climber :P

*Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu Falls, Sao Paulo
South America is a destination to go! I am mostly attracted to the infamous Iguazu Falls, located in the border of Brazil and Argentina. How to get there? When to get there? Pfff.. Have no idea!

*Israel: Bethlehem
This is more like a pilgrimage. I have been to Lourdes and Fatima. So i need to complete the journey and go to Israel, too.

But wait! Who says Indonesia is not on the list? It will take a year or more to travel and explore and unveal the ultimate beauty of Indonesia - both its marvelous plaves and exotic culture.

So, here's my "Travel Indonesia" wish list!

*Aceh: Danau Laut Tawar, Sabang
Never been to Aceh, dan ingin sekali.

*Sumatera Utara: Berastagi, Sipisopiso, Pulau Nias
North Sumatra is one of my heritage. My "kampung" is in Pematang Siantar, several hours away from the capital city, Medan.

*Bangka Belitung: Pulau Belitung
I have only been to Pulau Bangka and went to Parai Beach. Pulau Belitung is a smaller main island located in the west side of Pulau Bangka.

*Jakarta: Pulau Pramuka, Kep. Seribu
The nearest, most doable spot to go.

*Jawa Barat & Banten: Sawarna, Bayah, Karang Bolong, Ujung Kulon
I started to explore west java with my friends from 2008. At first, it was always be Ujung Genteng (gorgegous and advendturous place), then Bogor, then Sukabumi. There are many more places i still want to explore in west java :)

*Jawa Tengah: Dieng, Karimun Jawa islands
I always focussed my journey to Jogjakarta and never really to the highlands of central java. That should be lovely too.

*Jawa Timur: Mount Bromo, Malang, Pulau Madura
People said that East Java's landscape is the most beautiful in Java. I am curious indeed. Especially when my friends start talking about their journey in Bromo, about how the stars fill the dark sky like diamonds as your feet touch the warm sands.

*Bali: Lovina
There's so much about Bali than just Kuta. I mean, Kuta is for teenagers and Bali first-timers. Out of several towns in Bali, I love Ubud the most. But that's probably because I have never been to Lovina and indulge another side of Bali.

*Sulawesi Utara: Manado, Bunaken
The only place i've ever visited in Sulawesi is Makassar, the capital city of Sulawesi Selatan. I was only 15 and knew nothing about the art of traveling. My old friends from Ambon are also living in Manado. I should pay them a visit and enjoy the underwater scenery of Bunaken :) Hopefully that by the time i get there, I already know how to dive!

*NTB: Gili islands, Lombok
I've been wanting to go to Lombok for quite sometime now.

*Papua Barat: Raja Ampat islands
I have lived in Maluku for 6 years, yet I have never travel to Papua. Well, I was still a tween back then... I only travel to the big cities. However, I always envied my father for getting the chances to travel in Eastern part of Indonesia. Yes, i want to go to Papua and blend with the nature!

*Kalimantan, Borneo cross-over
Going through the thick tropical wood in Kalimantan is the ultimate experience! Then cruising with the local boat through its rivers. Challenging, huh? The woods and the mountains are not really my thing. But hey, who knows?

*Sulawesi Selatan: Toraja
Several of my high school friends come from Toraja. They are very proud of where they came from, and recommend people to go there... I only know that Toraja has an unique culture, and one of the must-go-see places in Indonesia.


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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Be prepare to make mistakes

"Experience is simply the name we give for our mistakes."
Oscar Wilde

The result of the equation of our personal life is not always positive. YES. Green light. Available. Success.

Sometimes, if not most of the times, we bump ourselves into the negatives. NO. Red light. Unavailable. Failures.

As human, it is absolutely normal to make mistakes. Mistakes makes us human.
However, it is wrong to dwell on our
puddle of mistakes and seek for comfort in it.

Turn the table around, put your mistake on positive spotlight, see it in an uplifting and clear point of view.

Give it a new name: experience.

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