Wednesday, July 26, 2006

satu demi satu pergilah mereka

there's no such thing as a GOOD goodbye. it's not what i believe.
it always saddens me the most when i have to stand still and say goodbye to my dearest friends. yes, they go their own way, and so MUST i.


a week ago 17 july - dom (oh, he missed my bday again)
today 26 july - indah.. oh dear, dubai's gonna be much much much more hotter than this :P
tommorow 27 july - lina.. i know babe i'll stay in your place and you will have to pamper me there. don't expect me to live with those creppy insects in papua LOL
next month 30 august - citra and ika and holland and patat met mayonaise and FREEDOM (well, am not gonna brag about it now)

i hate to say "goodbye"
that's why i say "see you soon"
one thing i know, we'll go TRAVEL DOWN A ROAD TRIP again my friends
(and maybe then we'll share our badluck somewhere else)

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

YAY Graduated!

it's been a while
klo gak diingetin juga gue benernya udah agak2 lupa gimanaaa gitu klo punya blog

may i'm just too busy
or pretend to be busy
or think that i'm pretend to be busy

but at least i graduated.. with a grade that is not satisfactory enough for me.
yes, yes, i am demanding.. as Marien said in his speech.

maybe later tonite i'll share some more.

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