Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Definition of Sharing

According to Webster dictionary, share (v) is "to partake of, use, experience, occupy, or enjoy with others". But what is the ultimate meaning of "share/sharing"?

Do we only "share" among friends - close friends? We share stories, happiness and sadness, even share internet line. For me, it's not a huge problem. But for some people, "share" is kinda problematic issue - at least, that's the way i see it. It is quite confusing to observe these kind of people because i think that they're funny (i can't even put it in the right word).

People live together. In everyday life we live, whether we like it or not, we need to share a little bit of what we possess with somebody else. We share space in metro, we share our own time when making appointments, we share bills when eating in fancy restaurant, we share stories with friends, we even share our one-and-only heart with a significant other. Thus, it can be said that sharing is a part of our live that we can't avoid.

What happened with people who don't share (or refuse to share)? Nothing. They still live a happy life even though the term "share" is still bugging them. However, my personal idea about i-don't-share people is that they are actually selfish and ignorant and they even don't realize it! That's what make them funny to me.

The world will be more beautiful if we are willing to share.
You can start by sharing your money with me.
I'm totally broke.

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