Friday, July 29, 2005


it's when your infinite freedom is taken! it's when you hit the very bottom of reality. now you live without hope nor dream nor courage. the hope of your love, the dream of being what you have always wanted to be, and the courage to move on. They screw your mind and emotion just to break you apart.. to scatter you into worthless pieces.

It's hard... to live that way. It's like a hundred ton of sharp objects on your shoulder when you have to cross an old wingly"bergoyang" bridge with endless cliff below you or a long winding road full of rocky trashes. when you fall, they'll cut you nicely.

it's hard because nobody want to be chained, prisoned... especially you, my beloved.
but you shall not give up you life away. For there'll be rainbow after rain, there'll also be a gift you'll receive after your sufferings. For a freedom cannot be taken from one... it stays in your heart as long as you believe its existence. Don't you wander alone, because i'll be there and comfort you. i'll catch your falls despite of my invisibility. keep you warm in my arms though my body crash.

it's hard for me to undo my arms around you and let you go. it's hard to see your tears instead of your smile. it's hard for enfold our sweet memories and throw it away.

Since waiting for you is forever and that's what i'm gonna do.

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