Tuesday, July 31, 2007

... waiting

Kebanyakan dari kita sering menghabiskan waktu untuk menunggu.

Menunggu teman (contoh: sekarang lagi nungguin Golda), menunggu file yang di-donlot, menunggu giliran masuk ke kamar periksa dokter gigi, menunggu bis yang jarang (ugh, nasib).

Something that i'm aware. All of us is already on HIS waiting list. Entah kapan, cepat atau lambat, kita pasti dapat giliran dipanggil. Ada beberapa orang yang bilang klo "orang baik matinya cepet, klo orangnya jahat malah gak mati-mati". I can't verify that statement, really.

Satu hal yang pasti, I always miss my Dad. I'm 23 now. Yet, i feel that i spend too little time with him. I'm not quite satisfied with His decision for some inexplicable reasons. But then again, it's all been done. Sekarang saatnya menunggu kapan akan ketemu papa lagi.

Until then, i hope i can cherish every tiny moment with mum and lysa that God grants me.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

no business allowed

So, it's Sunday.
Time to go to church. I'm becoming more like a "zombie" churchgoer every time i live in indonesia. Not that religious.

Below are one of the reason:
The mass went very well. The guest priest who usually serve a church in Malang was making beautiful remarks about thanksgiving. He was, also, thanking the Lord for his mother's 83rd birthday.

Actually, it was the first time that i really really drawn into a Homili (preach).

Then it's singing time, then another praying moment.

During the silent moment, someone's phone was ringing (even though there was a "warning" prior to the mass that all of us should turn off - or at least silent - our mobiles). Unbelievably, the owner was not eager to mute the phone, like most people should do. Instead, he (yes, it was a HE) answered the phone with NO guilt! at all...

Maybe i'm just being too judgmental. or sarcastic at heart. But i was quite furious because he ruined one my rare spiritual moments.

Jesus once furious when people turn the Lord's chamber into a market. Be careful, He might do it again with those who answer their mobiles during mass :p

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