Monday, September 18, 2006

Banana and sandwich

Yak.. monday monday :D
Be happy guys.. living in a monday is not something that we should hate.
So what if our weekend is over? Another weekend will come around the corner in few days, eventually.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Don't say that i'm falling in love...

Yes, because i can feel the pain inside.. it's like a knife stabbing me right thru my heart.

They call it heart broken. and how can this be happening to me?
It's because this morning bea told me that John Mayer's concert is around the corner. will be on ovtober 17, 2006, in Melkweg. and it's gonna be ONLY 20euros.
I was soooo excited, both to see him playing live in front of my eyes and to throw stuffs (tomatos, lettuces, and all rotten vegies) to jesicca simpson for getting her way with john!

Then... few hours later... bea texted me again: "SOLD OUT!" two most heartbreaking words in the world of concert! That really makes my day gloom, even though it's totally warm outside - makes me wanna sit in the park and do nothing.

fuuuuu.. there it goes... i have release my anger...
D* F* u Jessica!!!
oh i want my own John Mayer...

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Tifa, the girl

Gue dapet kuis ini dari Bea.

I am not a big big fan of Final Fantasy. Actually, i never really play the game.
I am not a gamer, I am a game-watcher :p
A fan of my boyfriend's and other male friend's gaming hours.

So I tried this link out: Which FF Character Are You? and got Tifa as my FF alter-ego.
She's cute and cool at the same time.

Bright and optimistic, aite? I like her.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Half or Half-ed?

You cant really say much when you're a half being (or half-ed; i make it own term).

Lately i'm feeling half, seeing half, thinking half - living half except for the eating habit (which can be said that i suffered from four-times half). And until this very second, i am still configuring why am i acting half lately? Even my Jamie Cullum playlist cant help me to solve this.

- - - -

ok, that was me writing, half awake half asleep, at 4 am.
what i wrote there was the truth. i suffer from half-happiness, half-optimistic, half-excited, half-jealous, half-desiring, half-hating, half-denying, half-loving, half-encouraged, half-evil, half-etc. Dont ask me why or how come because i dont even have the answer for myself.

Now, several hours away, i am still having the "half" experience.

This morning, my sister woke me up by the sound of vibrating phone sms banging the wooden bed, right next to my ear. it was 8.16. i only slept 3 hours last night. my sisters ask me if i can go online on msn right away; i said ok. i haven't talk to her online for quite some time now.

she said that she's in the warnet; the school in indo nowadays.. they finish early on saturday, wish we had it few years ago :P

i saw the clock and i said to her: klo tau gitu kan mendingan kmu ke airport, jadinya masih bisa ketemu niels buat ngasih obat. The original plan for my sister was to go to the airport and give niels my eye-drops/medicine so that he can bring it to me after his vacation. he arrives in jakarta at 8.. and that means that my sister actually has enough time to go see him.

and i told my sister's stupidity and my early morning anger to citra. yeah, she just woke up.. or maybe i woke her up hehehhehe.

then citra snaps me. "hey, ini kan jam 8 waktu sini! bukan waktu indo. piye tho kowe? niels itu sampe indo kan ya pas jam 3 waktu sini. kan kmu sendiri yang bilang sama aku semalem."

wow. great! now half of my brain is elsewhere.
thank you citra for reminding me of my own lack of intelligence.
or maybe i just need to go back to sleep...

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