Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Don't say that i'm falling in love...

Yes, because i can feel the pain inside.. it's like a knife stabbing me right thru my heart.

They call it heart broken. and how can this be happening to me?
It's because this morning bea told me that John Mayer's concert is around the corner. will be on ovtober 17, 2006, in Melkweg. and it's gonna be ONLY 20euros.
I was soooo excited, both to see him playing live in front of my eyes and to throw stuffs (tomatos, lettuces, and all rotten vegies) to jesicca simpson for getting her way with john!

Then... few hours later... bea texted me again: "SOLD OUT!" two most heartbreaking words in the world of concert! That really makes my day gloom, even though it's totally warm outside - makes me wanna sit in the park and do nothing.

fuuuuu.. there it goes... i have release my anger...
D* F* u Jessica!!!
oh i want my own John Mayer...

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