Monday, April 05, 2010

Citizen of Faith

This is my Post Easter Memoir:
"What is the driving force behind these hundreds of people?"

They come around to church during the big holiday events. Thundering like flocks of birds, roaming like ants. Filling the empty seats at this more than vast halls and parking lots, putting their hands together... Chanting graces.

Is it guilt? Mere obligation? Search of future companion?
Or is it possible that somehow, there is an absolute divine power flicks onto their small little frozen hearts?
What's your excuse?

Born and raised in a Catholic family, i have learned how to act accordingly. I am "obliged" to learn the big book of Bible, attend the weekly mass, and put my God-given talents at church's disposal - all of which to please my parents.

Nevertheless... i do think that Bible is a great (his)story book worth reading (sometimes).
i loved to go to the weekly mass to catch a glimpse of my teenage-crush. i love it more when i've come to realize that attending mass and pray is a need, not an obligatory task.
and i am happy to humbly serve, proudly praise my God with my big voice :)

I do believe in this.
As long as one still seek goodness in others, and sincerely try to do good for others (regardless of their religions-or no religion), then one has become a citizen of faith.

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