Friday, November 28, 2008

Bali: November 2008

So, I am in Bali!

The Pre-Event
I arrived in Bali with Mr. E on November 21 to prepare our internal corporate event, radio network gathering. It was very hectic preparation days. I was really nervous since i didn't know what to expect of these partners i was about to meet.

So we spent the first couple nights in Bali in Denpasar... Rannu's place of course. Yay, I'm meeting the blonkies ;) They were busy preparing for a validation exam to practice medicine those days... However, we managed to walk around in Kuta and had wonderful cozy dinner in between our brain-freezing days. We went to a restaurant in Kuta Square called Dulang with its nice atmosphere. We also got the chance to craze up with Japanese food in Papaya after 9 p.m. hahahahaha. I also got to buy some souvenirs for the weekenders. Guys, shmily?

On Nov 24 Mr. E and I went to check in at Melia Nusa Dua. O o my head started spinning!

The BIG Event
Suddenly it's November 25!
I was not sure if i was ready to deal with all these people. I was stressing my self that i need to faith that everything would be okay. Along came the first 3 partners. They were ok.. The the next 8. Ok, I can still handle it. Then everything started to get very hectic HAHAHAHA gotta be calm in front of them... and also my bosses HAHAHAHAHA

However painful my feet those days.. and however annoying some partners did... and however stressful i was... and however silly i acted... and however tired and zombie-looking-for-not-getting-enough-sleep i was... it was all worthy in a way :) Well at least now Jan Hoek (the big boss) and Harko recognize me. It seemed that they were very pleased with the summit. Most of the partners, too. They were all happy to meet each others, made new friends, ate in GWK and Jimbaran, had a brief visit to Kuta. Let alone those grouchy grumpy ones, there's nothing we can do about them.

Well, at least I made new friends... I guess :)

The Post-Event
I extended my stay in Bali for couple more days (after November 28).
Lots of people said that then it's time for me to go wild and get lucky. LOL.
Let's see about that...........

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Monday, November 17, 2008

The usually unusual people

After spending my previous weekend on bed rest... [Uhm, well not exactly since i bought some pairs of shoes in between my bedrest :P] i spent my weekend with the 'usual' people. This time around, i dragged them all to sleepover at my house hahaha

We, as in ck rb jono and i, started the day wandering and not wandering around in Bogor. Ngacak2 rumah rb, ke tajur nyari tas [sial, belum kutemukan yang kuinginkan!], dan makan tentunya. Tapi ya namanya tukang nongkrong, udah ampe bogor juga ending2nya bertengger di Starbucks juga wahahahahaha.. Enak, empuk, ujan pula. Benernya kurang tambahan heater berjalan aja :P

Bukti keberadaan kami di Starbucks Bogor.
Detik-detik menjelang tidur di sofa.

Then Chemonk joined the group at dinner. Dede joined soon afterwards.
Dengan mobil ruben dan kursi laknatnya itu, melajulah kami menjemput jono pulang kerja jam 12 malam! Ber6 satu mobil apa muat? Tentu saja! Kan dd chemonk kecil2 hehehe

Too bad sev ppl couldn't join us, or else it would've been even crazier XD

Pff. It'll be kinda weird not going to spend my next two weekends with them.
damnit i miss you guys already.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rihanna's Concert? No, I'm not going.

I have a thing with Rihanna.
It's not about the singer, nor the song, nor the super sexy hairstyle of hers.

It's her concert.

Two years ago, Rihanna was about to hold a concert in Amsterdam on November 18. My friends and I were about to go and have some fun there. But then my father passed away on November 16. And i had to go back home to Indonesia. So... I missed the concert. and my father.

This year, in few days, Rihanna is going to hold a concert in Jakarta on November 14. I was considering to go... but my party/concert sisters are not here... plus the ticket price is off the ceiling. Too freakin high for "just" a Rihanna, in my opinion.
It's quite funny it is. Even if i decided to go to the concert, i will have to cancel it again... because my family will hold a eucharist in memory of my father on November 14.

HA HA HA... It's been two years, yet it links well.
Rihanna's concert and my father's death.
Very odd. very odd indeed.

OK. Now i should stop blabbering.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Tell me where it hurts

I just came to realize the connectivity between this song and my life :)
Is it possible that it's caused by my incredible headache?
What an absurd thinking.

Anyway, for those who are curious enough to understand what the hell am i blabbering about, here's the lyric.

- - -
Garbage - Tell me where it hurts

What is my day going to look like?
What will my tomorrow bring me?
If I had x-ray eyes, I could see inside
I wouldn’t have to predict the future

I wish that you would do with some talking
How else am I to know what you’re thinking?
If only people would say what it really was
What it really was
What it really was that they wanted

Tell me where it hurts
to hell with everybody else
All I care about is you
and that's the truth

They don't love me; I can tell
But you do, so they can go to hell

Did they ever give you a reason
To believe in something different
If you’re looking for love, for what it's worth
I have plenty of it lying around here somewhere

If you are looking for disappointment
You can find it around any corner
In the middle of the night I hold on to you tight
So both of us can feel protected

Tell me where it hurts,
to hell with everybody else.
All I care about is you and that's the truth
they don't love me; yeah I can tell
but you do, so they can go to hell

I’ve been loved but I didn’t know how to feel it
And I’ve been adored but I don’t know if I ever believed it
I’ve been loved my whole life but I didn’t know how to take it
Until you

So tell me where it hurts
to hell with everybody else
All I care about is you and that's the truth
they don't love me, yeah I can tell
But you do, so they can go to hell
But you do, so they can go to hell

Tell me where it hurts, tell me where it hurts
Tell me where it hurts now, tell me where it hurts...

- - - -

And here's the clip!

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Friday, November 07, 2008

November 7

What a day. A birthday and a wedding.

it' s 00.00 something, i called Yokko to say
i miss you, and i wish you well.

It's Rina's wedding, too, today.
Ditunggu ya bo ceritanya :P kita kan punya session khusus di bali ntar hahaha

I had a hectic working day today... and i don't feel well, actually...
My hands got very very cold very easily lately. Lil bit shaky now and then. Extreme dizziness sourced on the back of my head.
And since everyone seems to be offline tonight, i think i should do the same.
and sleep.

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Crack me, now

I've hurt people.
I've been hurt, too.


So now

I'm throwing myself into the open fire, hoping to get burn.


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Barbeque: Special Edition

I had a pleasant weekend!

Ck's family prepared a small gathering barbecue/steam boat dinner [let's say: supper] yesterday :)
So we were there. Ck as the host and her family, Ari, Val, Ruben, Yanto, Dede, Chemonk, Jono, Lala and Jose. *hopefully some images will come right up. at least after i get them from Lala/Jose hehehehe

Good food, great friends! ;)
self-explanatory, right?

Ada satu hal yang saya pelajari dari kumpul2 kemarin:
"Don't play with fire if you don't want to get burn." Jangan maen api, ntar angus!
But then again, i am NUMB enough.
I think I can stand the pain, darlings. Dont worry.

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