Friday, November 28, 2008

Bali: November 2008

So, I am in Bali!

The Pre-Event
I arrived in Bali with Mr. E on November 21 to prepare our internal corporate event, radio network gathering. It was very hectic preparation days. I was really nervous since i didn't know what to expect of these partners i was about to meet.

So we spent the first couple nights in Bali in Denpasar... Rannu's place of course. Yay, I'm meeting the blonkies ;) They were busy preparing for a validation exam to practice medicine those days... However, we managed to walk around in Kuta and had wonderful cozy dinner in between our brain-freezing days. We went to a restaurant in Kuta Square called Dulang with its nice atmosphere. We also got the chance to craze up with Japanese food in Papaya after 9 p.m. hahahahaha. I also got to buy some souvenirs for the weekenders. Guys, shmily?

On Nov 24 Mr. E and I went to check in at Melia Nusa Dua. O o my head started spinning!

The BIG Event
Suddenly it's November 25!
I was not sure if i was ready to deal with all these people. I was stressing my self that i need to faith that everything would be okay. Along came the first 3 partners. They were ok.. The the next 8. Ok, I can still handle it. Then everything started to get very hectic HAHAHAHA gotta be calm in front of them... and also my bosses HAHAHAHAHA

However painful my feet those days.. and however annoying some partners did... and however stressful i was... and however silly i acted... and however tired and zombie-looking-for-not-getting-enough-sleep i was... it was all worthy in a way :) Well at least now Jan Hoek (the big boss) and Harko recognize me. It seemed that they were very pleased with the summit. Most of the partners, too. They were all happy to meet each others, made new friends, ate in GWK and Jimbaran, had a brief visit to Kuta. Let alone those grouchy grumpy ones, there's nothing we can do about them.

Well, at least I made new friends... I guess :)

The Post-Event
I extended my stay in Bali for couple more days (after November 28).
Lots of people said that then it's time for me to go wild and get lucky. LOL.
Let's see about that...........

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