Thursday, January 07, 2010

Expect yourself to do great things!

they say resolutions. i say expectations :)
Here i share some of mine.

be a Happier person!

... fall in love recklessly <3

do sport and be thinner!
(although i know that i always fail to do this, it has to be on the list)

*Shop less.. Girl, take a good look at ur full closet hahaha
(Ruud gave me this idea. I am no sure of this, not sure at all)

read more books,
improve limited vocabs

write more (useful and informative) BLOG entries

explore Jakarta and be in love the city (eventually)

be able to drive around, independently

learn another La-La-Language for fun

get closer to the Divine

"Expect Great Things; Attempt Great Things" -- William Carey, 1792

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