Saturday, January 02, 2010

2009 highlights... and many more

January... burning me.
  • Skin was still very very dark from my trip from Bali and Uge. and I was still eager to burn myself even more. Ok, what happen in Uge stays in Uge haha..
  • Watching Diana Krall's concert with Goldie was lovely indeed.

February... What Valentine?
  • I met Zee for the very first time (in Burger King Thamrin - after waiting for around two hours!), and got myself a new best friend in a blink :)
  • Love life was so low, esp on Valentine's day. But Chikha gave me Starbucks' chocolate cupcake topped with colourful hearts. nyam! *Update: I suddenly remember that on last year's Valentine's day - i got myself a free dvd player hahaha
  • Putri and Dave came to town! wonderful dinner and hilarious talks and meaningful eye-glances were involved hahaha
  • Got myself an outrageous decision to visit Australia with my baby B. Too bad, i missed meeting Lina since she was in Indo (argh!!!!). Melbourne was just another Jakarta for me; loved Sydney for it's somehow-similarity with Madrid; Goldcoast theme parks and the stay-up-all-night-since-we-wanted-to-save-money-for-hostel night under the stars was extremely tiring yet remarkable.
  • However, i missed Zee's bday :( - and i missed meeting Alex :p

March. Crashing Aussie and every other places.
  • Still wondering around Australia for several days. Coldplay superb concert in Melbourne was also one of the reasons why i went to Aussie. Details! Missed my Mom's bday too :( but i managed to give her some nice souvenirs from Aussie :)
  • Involved myself in another spontaneous getaway plan. No, actually Chikha was the devil - in a good way (?) for not letting me be miserable and regretful in the future. Thank you girl!
  • Came to a weeding in Bogor with the girls, and spent a nice eve at Kedai Kita :) I did crash several weddings now and then hahaha
  • Skipped the Java Jazz Festival this year. no urge. no urge.

April. Long live the Queen!
  • Friend's wedding was coming up in 2 weeks. Chikha and I agreed to help and make ourselves Wedding Organizer duo :P - a very challenging project it was.
  • The shocking news about the killing attempt of the queen of Holland was almost ruining the big reception at Ritz-Carlton. almost. however, a reception without Mr. E was not as fun :(
i guess i still miss some points here....
when was our trip to Kebun Raya Bogor and Museum Gajah? Zee.. Ari... help :S

May. all my friends be merry and gay.
  • Sneaking around and got bitten by mosquitoes before surprising Ari on her bday at Kafe Pisa :) i got licked too... i think it was Ari. or Zee? hmm..... *Update: ARI licked me!
  • and on the same day, I got very busy with the wedding! it's was successful and almost everybody was happy. at least i was. i got to sing and to bring lots of good food home hahaha
  • It's a 3days 2nights with my girls (and boys) in Singapore :) while half of us team was crazed with shopping and pre-wedding-ing, Ari, Zee, and I was busy over-torturing ourselves by walking around to experience another side of Singapore.. temples and markets. So we have experienced metro-tour, walking-tour, and car-tour (with great thanks to Sham).
  • Sukabumi with Chikha and Ruben :) for the weekend - a culinary trip indeed!! I took pleasure of every flavour tingled in mouth, and gain weight in an instant. uhm 3kg in 2days? that's hilarious.
  • My old and dear friend from Ambon came and we spent some hours all together. Gosh, I haven't seen Natalia in 10 years!
  • Dominik and Lilith came to Indo for holiday. a week in Jakarta, another week in Bali. the whole group reunited in Jakarta for few days. Odd moments risen, as well as old flames. and of course, in the end, we all get burned.

June... i stay alone.
  • Another month alone at the office. Lame.....

July be my birthday :)
  • More wedding crashing! and off to the Public which was apparently going to be closed the day after.
  • My birthday was around the corner and i didn't really mind about not having surprise party. It is written that my bday is forgettable. Yet, my beloved friends caught me off guard. I was very very touched T.T with the cake and the kisses. I had a fun weekend - a home-cooked meal of tempe and sambal, and Harry Potter at Blitz.
  • However... my bday was not complete because Ari was not around T.T and B almost (arrrrgggggh!!!!) missed my bday.
and i miss some stuff happened in July. I mean was my July really that lame? xD
did i cut my long long hair and missed it instantly in July?

August comes too soon
  • Supposedly, i went to Java Rockin Land. but i went to...
  • Jogjakarta. This time it's to commemorate 1000 (Javanese) days of my father's pass. I also took the time to go around Jogjakarta with my dear friend Beni, went to Solo to Ardy-Nita's reception, and visited some tourist attractions with my mom and sister. That was fun :)
  • I saw Ardy&Nita again in Jakarta for our small gathering with dear friends from Amsterdam. The event that was suppose to be just us 10.. turned out to be just us 20 people hahaha..
  • Ujung Genteng (again) with my beloved girls (and boys). a trip without scandal, at last hahaha..
  • Shhh.. and a daring ride with Ari! Super thumbs up for her super bravery riding motorbike on super high-risk tracks with high-risk weather. Near-death-experiences to the max! totally advanced!

September to remember!!
  • People lined up to get Visa on September! with a great luck, i managed to get mine one day prior to my departure.
  • So, i boosted myself by buying iPod Nano (purple) and filled its 16GB space with songs, songs, and songs. At last, i fulfill one of my personal wishes.
  • and yes, I went to Holland! For office stuffs. I called it my Selligent trip. At first, i really couldn't believe that it's real. even after i stepped my feet on Holland's busy Schipol airport. It's like coming home after years of longing :) Another personal wish fulfilled.
  • Reminiscing the good old days, hanging out with my good old friends, eating falafel and lays chips and hero onbijtvrucht, doing nothing and be happy about it, loving the cold weather, and indulging myself in bra-shopping ;)
  • Fons has been very wonderful to me :) we had Spanish dinner at that little place in Zeedijk. He even gave me a gorgeous shirt + tank top as my farewell present.
  • Got away to Prague for a nice weekend getaway with baby C. Praag is Prachtig! If i do have the time and the money, i really wanna to go to Czech Republic again.. and spend some more days wandering in Prague's streets.. maybe even go to other fascinating Eastern European countries. and maybe i'll finally have the gut to try the excrutiatingly herb-sy taste of Becherovka.
  • Missed Ika's wedding - several days after i went back to Indo.
  • I learned what "cinta mati/cinta gila/cinta buta" means. To be loved so deeply can be beautiful and deadly at the same time...

October quite a battle
  • Even though the bachelorette party was canceled... (my condolences for Alex), my diet was a scam (there's no way i can be thinner in a week hahaha) but at least we did managed to gave Lala & Jose a kinky gift for their marriage!! and we managed to come in our silver "armour", doing all the crazy things at the reception. Uhm.. I suddenly wanna see the video.
  • Office work, updating database and preparing for the upcoming campaign!
  • Niels is here :D and he's my date to Soulnation! Musiq Soulchild's performance was *speechless* the thing that i look forward the most for the last couple of months. Too bad, Estelle was not performing.
  • caught myself in a very awkward situation, and survived ;)
  • I met Kaysan (Dory's big baby boy) for the very first time and got entertained the whole time. He's such an adorable kid. Poking his petite mommy all the time.

November black and blue
  • Bali was scheduled for the weekend ;) I finally met gorgeous Radha for the very first time and fell in love instantly! Also there for her mommy, my dear Sita - haven't met her for almost 5 years! and she is still a stunning woman.
  • uhm.. also got a glimpse of Indah's belly, the soon to be mom, and tried out almost every flavour of her up and rising business Gelato Secret's in Ubud. Next time, I want apple&cinammon as well as tomato&basil for my gelato! I mean, u can not say not to good stuff ;)
  • Again. I'm working alone for another month.
  • Crazed up with the IDR 0 (not joking!) seats from AirAsia. Successfully secured seats for my upcoming trip to Vietnam and Bangkok - will do a duo travelers with Ms. Ari.
  • Kalimantan trip was also on the agenda. I went back and forth to Sampit, Palangkaraya, and Banjarmasin. Got extremely exhausted from the trip, but happy. I got to meet new networks, radio partners, best friend, best friends' mothers, and my family/cousins too. Add some extra bling in Martapura.. i couldn't ask for more.
  • Alfons was in Indo for almost two weeks, but we passed each other's schedule every time :(
  • A Samirono reunion. at last! It was only 15 girls that came that day (including Chikha), but it was nice and cozy :)

December razzle and dazzle!
  • Extremely busy with the marketing campaign i've been involved with for the company. do this, initiate that, translate this, explain that. Hectic to the max, but enjoyable. I'll say i am a work addict hahaha
  • However, playing around was still on the list. A jolly picnic session (under the rain) with best friends was the perfect medicine to cure my tired mind.
  • Ika was in Jakarta for sev days to prep her reception next year. We stole a little of her most precious time to meet up and catch up with each other :)
  • Another session with Radha (she's thinner!), with Robert this time. Baby Radha remembers me!
So what did I have for Christmas?
I had a low and silent Christmas. Also a bit down since my B and my girls were not around.
It started with 3-4hours of heavy heart wake-up call (implicitly and explicitly). It got better after a fancy brunch with my American friends at Social House. and it ended with a small visit from my relatives. Nevertheless, I really believe that i received a wonderful Christmas present this year.

And how about New Year's Eve?
New Year's Eve (NYE) was a blast! My agenda started quite early in the afternoon, good coffee and good conversation with our network at Kedai Kopi Phoenam, a nice coffee place in Wahid Hasyim area. They served delicious roti kaya and coffee from Sulawesi. Later on, I had another fancy Italian dinner (i mean, u need to spoil urself from time to time hahaha) with enjoyable companions at PEPeNERO and mingled around till the count down!

Overall, i can only see my life in 2009 in HIGHLIGHTS.
because that is exactly what we human need to do.
to see everything in bright light.
to embrace every blessing.

to walk every path with good will and positive thoughts.
and everything that we human can't understand, let it be...
the answers will come to us eventually :)

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Blogger svya said...

seru jg menulis highlights :)
bisa dibaca lagi dikenang2 di taon2 mendatang.

and of course year 2009 is special because i got new best friends... which becomes my new family :)

2:18 pm  
Blogger Zee said...

In Oct, all you can remember was Niels visit to JKT?? Well, u'd probably consider that as a huge thing, even though not as huge as Lala-Jose marriage.. But, of course I can protest and be mad, right..

Please don't let this happen to me..

2:27 pm  
Blogger ari koeswardini said...

you got licked by me! that's my signature! lol!

3:40 pm  
Blogger svya said...


sebenarnya ini post masih ada bolong2nya :P
*sedang membenahi*

I actually forgot when was our trip to Uge. June? July? August?
Zee, I also forgot when was the first time that i met Alex. I only remember a glimpse of us three in Jakarta Theater. Help!

8:08 pm  

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