Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The new Serial

XOXO Gossip Girl.

Yes, I watch the series too. Credits to Edison! You know i Love you!!
The storyline is not that bad, considering the unhealthy lifestyle of so called Manhattan's elite. Teenagers pretending to be adults before their time; parents accidentally unraveling their youth; friends who are friends and foes at the same time.

All of this little things adds up to a good drama.

And I LOOOOOOVE Chuck Bass, nevertheless.
He is troubled, sly, and a human being.

Looking forward to the newest episode!

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Java Jazz hype!

Asik2 kesampean nonton Java Jazz, with a different crowd this year. Nonton sama Golda, Andy, and Cris. Eeeeeeeeeh tiba-tiba K'Lisa nongol juga. Jadilah kita berlima kaya power ranger. Lumayan seru sih. Area Senayan super rame. cari parkirnya syusah banget. But then again, i was not really my problem - i was not the one who's driving :P

Location: JHCC

Nungguin golda ama cris dateng lambreta bambang dari Plaza Senayan... auw i miss some show because i had all of their tickets (!) And to my amazement, Golda masih sempet-sempetnya ke GEREJA (well, it was Sunday evening...). ccck... cck... Salut juga.

So I watched Dhaffer Yousef (kewl intrumental and worldy music!) out of my curiousity, Renee Olstead and Ron King Big Band (she's quite famous here), Japanese quartet called Jammin Zeb feat. Andien (they are lovely.. I got the front seat and their CD - thanks to Andy), Tribute to Frank Sinatra performance (where Golda sang most of the songs), a glimpse of Bubi Chen (the show was almost over, anyway), and Omar Sosa (where we finally chilled out).

I also accidentally bumped into my senior in high school, Dewi, while we were trying to get some food... Finally! After every other people bumped into every other people. Golda bumped into her old workmates; Andy bumped into lots of people, esp girls he know. Haha, what can i say.. that's Andy.

Overall, the evening was nice. The crowd was nice.
Tot volgende concert! xoxo

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