Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Still lokking for placement

Quite a hard day today. Not because I'm workin' on somethin.. but because i need to rethink about a lot of things. I really really want to go back to indo for this summer holiday but i haven't found placement yet. The thing is if i want to go, i have to pay for the ticket tomorrow [payment day ><']!!! But if I decide to go for this holiday, it's too risky because *fool me* the return date is on August 29 while the placement starts +/- on September 1. fuh!

I called my mom and she said that i have to focus more on placement. I shouldn't worry about going home and stuffs. Well, i know it for sure that my family desperately want me to go home and i also want to celebrate my birthday back home with my family. If only i could find placement... things will surely be easier.


p.s. cool site ;)

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