Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Drug and Thug

I listen to this song once more.. This song really makes me think.Think about my life now. Think about how my life could be if i live in another face of the earth - i know that it would be very different.

I imagine my self there, in that place, somewhere in the world... maybe in U.S. What if I live there and face the exactly same probs that I have here? Guess..

I'll spend my time singing in this street's corner, eating hamburgers (or whatever food i can afford), smoking cigarette. This is what i do, almost every single day of the week. It wasn't my lifestyle (it does sound chic when you say it.. "lifestyle") until my high school. Yeah, at that turning point of my life.. when i felt alone and had no one to talk to. It was then I ran away from home, took some cash that i had, also some food. That night i went and for the first time i slept on the street. It wasn't that bad coz' it was midsummer. Even if i had to sleep in a winter night, i shouldn't protest. That was my choice. I felt free, yet alone.

Today is not very cold, considering the upcoming winter. Gotta few dollars in my pocket. Damn, i need more money to buy my drinks. Should i go rob a store in that block? hmm, but my hommies here, maybe, still have some good stuffs that I can use. I used to have dreams, but not now. No dreams can give me food or make make me feel better in my heart.

We live like a family here, me and my peeps. They help me when i need some, always make me laugh. Of course, we laugh our ass our mostly when we use some drugs. Great stuff, drug, always makes me happy. It's weird how drugs can present such effects to our body and mind. It's weird how drugs can erase our problems, wash my fears, ease my mind, even though only for few hours. Drugs will always be there for you, even when your parents and friends are not around! That's why we (not only me, a lot of people) love drugs. A friend in need id a friend indeed... that's what people say. Few years from now, i might end up in jail doing my sentence... as a drug dealer or a prostitute or a killer.

But that's not me. It could be me and my life, but since i grew up in this over-valued country, i CANNOT do such things... even though i want it.

Wanna stop from drinking and taking drugs? It's not easy. There are people who can have their good life back (as if the life they lived before was horrible). I have a very different perspective about people who could recover from drugs or drinks.

In my eyes, people use drugs because they have no place or no one to run to. They feel depress because of the heavy problems they're carrying. Rich boy has no parents love, brokenhearted lonely girl, a nerd with no friends, poor man with no food... they feel lonely... left behind by everybody, by the people they love. When they think that they have nowhere to go, they run to a thing called drug, a thing that offer them happiness and heaven. That thing offer them an everlasting love because drugs will not got o work and forget them, drugs will not broke their heart.

These users will use drugs no more if there are people who eager to spend some times with them, people who eager to show some caring, people who want to set aside their anger and start listening to what the drug users stories.

So, basically a drug user will stop taking drugs to make him/her happy if they have someone (a real person, besides God) who can offer him/her the same effect, everlasting love.

I need it, too.

Share your love while you can.

"Every corner, every city
there's a place where life's a little busy
Little Hennessy, laid back and cool
every hour, cause it's all good
Leave all the stress from the world outside
every wrong done will be alright
Nothin but peace, love, and street passion,
every ghetto needs a thug mansion"
Tupac feat Nas - Thugz Mansion


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