Monday, November 29, 2004

endless darkness

I can't think
I can't hardly breathe
I can't see anything
to light my way

'cause I'm lost
I need someone to hold me
keep me from falling
'cause this is the hardest phase I ever had
my gloomiest moment in life
my forever loneliness

I wanna run
just want to hide from the world
for a moment, please give me a chance
but I can't move away from here

tell me 'cause I don't understand
who am i right now? why am i here? what does life want from me?

should I give up everything that i own?
should I let my dreams go?
should I say nothing? do nothing?

too complicated to be explained
too weak to face it
too idiot to understand God's will

when you're in the edge of life
and every path you take will be no use
when you try so hard to smile
yet your soul is still empty
you'll see what I see
you'll feel what I feel


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