Friday, June 27, 2008

Good Luck!

I start watching this JDorama starring Takuya Kimura today. "Good Luck!!" it is titled.

Having achieved his life-long dream of being a pilot, Hajime is first officer on an international jetliner and is now working to become a captain. But he can't seem to please Captain Mizushima, who has become an exacting taskmaster since an air incident many years ago. To complicate matters, he begins a relationship with stubborn and straight-talking mechanic, Ayumi, whose parents died many years ago in the plane crash for which Captain Mizushima feels he is responsible. What follows is a story of 21st century love, dreams and passion.

First i thought that the series will not be as depressing; seeing the kawaii Takuya is a perfect medication for this headache i have been having lately.

So along came episode 4. It hit me hard; when one of the cabin attendants has to deal with a burn victim who lost her husband. Here's what the cabin attendants say to calm her down... (in English translation, of course)

"I'm not married. So I have no idea how painful it must be.
But I've fallen in love with somebody, enough to feel like i'd die for him. And I saw that relationship come to an end.
But I love him so much. He'll always be inside my heart. I'll always treasure that...
You should always keep the man you love inside your heart.
For that... you have to live on"

So what's the purpose of this writing? Nothing, really.
I need a good luck for myself, too.

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