Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bali: Part One - day 2 to day 4

Back at Indah's place in Ubud after spending two days in South Bali area.

Day two: Heading South
Breakfast ala indah, cereal n milk. Soon after, i went straight to Ubud Centre, caught the bus to Kuta [Perama Tour]. I hopped off at Poppies Lane 2. while waiting for my old friend from high school, Rannu [I used to sit n study with her twin, Rendeng - now in Bandung], I helped a German couple to get accomodation down by Poppies Lane.
Perhatian: Saya SokTau sekali loh, padahal ngerti nama jalan juga engga! Good that Indah lend me her Lonely Planet :) thanks, darling!

While in Poppies, I bumped to my new friends i met during my flight to Denpasar, Ruli and Adhi - both from Trans7. Chat with them for a while; they're on duty, following several Brailians soccer players working for Indonesian team.

Then i met Rannu and her friends, Thia and Cindy [they're all doctors ^^].

We had our lunch at Goody's [good food, i tried Fetucinne con Calamari], Legian area. Then we strolled around Legian and Seminyak, looking for acessories and clothes - girl stuffs :) Wondering why we're so tired, we went back to our dorm. I spent the night at Rannu's place after having dinner at KFC hehehehe so freakin full. We ate all day!

Day three: Good Food = Good Life
Woke up at 7.30 am. Kyaaaaa.. Thia's waiting outside! We're ready to roll!

We had our breakfast at Bali Catering & Co., Kerobokan area. I ate pistachio macarun + newyork cheesecake [with strawberries!] + a cup of cappucino. It was so delicious ^^

Location: Bali Catering Co. - delicious food and beyond! :)

Then we went straight to Garuda Wisnu Kencana [GWK]. It was so damn hot that we decided to chill and had our lunch back at Discovery Mall in Kuta. Cindy and I couldn't help wandering to Kuta art market. Too bad the market was not fully open because of Galungan feast in Bali. I got myself some beach-y outfits.

Location: Dreamland - with Thia Cindy and Rannu

Got enough of chilly air, we drove south to Dreamland beach near Uluwatu. Doing nothing, eating singkong keju [ya, kita kan anak singkong :P] and applepastels while looking at cute boys surfing huehuehuehuheu.. We're so worn out we went straight back to denpasar fuuuuuuh
Note: That guy who took our picture was so cute. Stupid me, why didn't i ask his name?!

Day four: Ubud
Ok, i need to buy slipper. I kind of broke my fave sandals :(

So Rannu and I got ourself a ride to Ubud with Perama tour. We strolled down Hanoman street, took pictures [narcism is a must during holidays!], then had our lunch at a small foodstall called Warung Nasi Goreng - indah's recommendation. With our belly full, we walked about Ubud's market. Failed to catch the shuttle bus back to Indah's place, we set our foot to Casa Luna - also Indah's recommendation. We got oruself a new friend there, amanda Midlam from a small town called Eden, australia. she's writing a story about Bali dogs [wish her a wonderful stay].

Location: Ubud - somewhere between rice field and Balinese-Thai lunch

after indah n greg got back from work, we went to Bebek Bengil [dirty duck diner] down Hanoman street. they served tasty duck with sambal matah and veggies and oh-my-godness-it's-so-freaking-delicious Black Russian cake! the cake has such a delicate texture; the mixture of kahlua and other liquours blended spoiled your tongue and warmed you up in the chilly night of Ubud. a must try! hum... jd pengen lg!

That night, the four of us discuss about the local people, the Balinese and their ceremonies, and the difficulties of relationship between different races [since my Rannu had similar problems]. We came to a conclusion that every relationship [esp. those which is nurtured in country such as indonesia] will have to face the PARENTS! at that time, all that matters is the couple itself should be strong enough to stand for what they believe, which is that they love each other and no one else. What an insight :p or maybe we ate too much of black russian ha ha ha

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good food, great friends

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