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Bali: Part Two - day 5 to day 7

Day five: walk, don't drive
So Rannu and I spent the day walking around Ubud, again. Well, it's a working day so Indah couldn't come along. From Kupu Barong [Indah, i'm promoting your hotel! hehe] we took the shuttle down to Blanco Museum near Ubud center. The place is nice. It is said that the land in which the museum is built upon was given by the local people as a token of appreciation to Antonio Blanco. The artist himself has passed away. Yet his eroctic paintings and arts are very well preserved in this place. His artistic blood also run in the family, esp in Mario Blanco, which focuses more on dead objects - somehow i prefer erotica than a basket of fruits. There at the museum, we made friend with Sebastian from Belgium - cute, but too young i suppose.

Location: Blanco Museum & somewhere down the street of Ubud
There's always erotic arts somewhere in between

We needed to wait for the cats-and-dogs rain to stop before we continued or little journey to the Monkey Forest. Lumayan juga jalannya! There're a lot of tourists in the monkey forest. The tourists were very excited about the monkeys; the monkeys were very excited about the bananas and the peanuts they tourists brought along. Some monkeys acted nice and posed for the cameras, some other went after tourist to beg for fruits. Two monkeys were caught in the act of vulgarism! yes, some sexual actions! hahaha what an exhibitionist!

Tired of observing the monkeys, we went to Bebek Bengil, again, to eat Black Russian cake, again :p Yum yum!

It was already 6pm when we realized that we missed the shuttle car to go back to the hotel. So.... Indah picked us up with her little jimnie! Wahaaaaaaaa.. what a wobbly ride! The three of us made a stop at bintang for grocery shopping. We had our dinner back at Indah's place that night. Greg made us good fussili - he was complaining about "i can cook much better than this if only we have the right ingredients here" lol. Good dinner ended with good shisha :D

Black Russian Cake in the afternoon, pasta & wine for dinner

Day six: work hard, play harder!
Saturday was hectic! I needed to meet some people i failed to meet the previous days - because of the holiday [18th] and the Galungan [19th-21st]. Greg took Indah, Rannu and I down to Sanur. From there on, I rented a car to go to other places.

So we went to the printing company > then dropped Rannu at her place > then visited a partner station, Sunari > then had our Nasi Campur ala Bali at Warung Satria with Inten from Sunari and her brother [Indah and I agreed that Inten looked like our own mama Sita - too bad she can't make to Bali during these days, she's expecting her baby!] > then off to Melia Nusa Dua where I took pictures and discuss some items for the upcoming partner garthering [imagine running around in such a huge place like Melia in heels, high heels - yes, that's what i did!] > then went back to Renon to meet another partner, GSM, whose radio located at Negare [there at Be Sangih we ate/drank Daluman - Balinese "cingcau/cendol/dawet"]. So all work it done. It's time to play!

Indah and I waited for Greg and Jovita [lovely woman, she's the spouse of Kupu Barong GM's in Tuban area - had her own magazine in Bali, top network] at Sunset on 6. The place was already full with people for dinner, but finally we got ourself a place. btw we missed the sunset! Then we moved to Rumours to have our late dinner [it's 10 already!] - the place served good italian food and also good taste of wine. There at Rumours, we accidentally met Farah, one of our juniors from Holland - she was in Bali for a weekend getaway. Suddenly, Titin and Susan [our seniors from Holland; they domain in Seminyak] and Nita came to Rumours just to say hello and goodbye - they're too tired to go anywhere that night.

mbak jovi - indah - val - greg & indah

With our belly full, we went to Hypnotic [where Jovita's husband was already waiting], a new place down by Seminyak square. Originaly, we wanted to go to Ku De Ta [am still curious about the place] but they're having a white party we didn't want to barge in. Hypnotic was so-so - the place was quite small, indoor [it's Bali, the parties should be brought outdoors, man!], and lack of visuals for me. They serve nice watermelon Mojito. Btw, the crowd was quite ackward on Hypnotic. Among the expats, i saw a number of koko-koko surabaya with their acts of trying to get some girls to get drunk so that they can get some that night. wahahahahaha...
P.S: Indah told me that some guy at Hypnotic has been "observing" me back from our dinner in Rumours. Doh, didn't realize it!

Next destination: Living Room. There we met two tante-tante dancing wildly LOL. Oh and we finally had our vodka redbull! Cheers! I was half-deaf there XD
P.S: a guy had a t-shirt with this writings on "FASTER, STRONGER, LONGER, BETTER" and an arrow down to his manhood. Good self-advertisement, hey? But is it appropriate?

Next next destination: Hu'u Bar, just across the street. The place was hip, i liked it very much. Jovita met her friends there, while i was observing the crowd. Here i saw om-om surabaya LOL. I also learned that those chinese tourist can't dance! Well well, since the dance floor was packed, we went outside to the garden. Guess Jovita has reserved a place for us or else we couldn't get to sit anywhere. We sat and enjoyed the night brezze, few meters away from all of the noises.

3 am. Greg needed to stay focus to drive us back to ubud. He was a little drunk, Indah was drunk, I was sober enough to focus on the road. We got back home safe and sound, and exhausted.

Day Seven: Overdose on seafood
It's noon already! Greg, Indah, and I had brunch and catched another meals from McD on our way to Discovery Mall. There we properly met Susan, Titin, and Nita at Black Canyon cafe. The coffee was allright, the services... not that satisfying!

Then we went to Nyoman's at Jimbaran area for out dinner. Again, lots of chinese tourist [why am i always surrounded by chinese? is it a sign or something? lol]. Some local singers sang James Blunt - You're Beautiful incorrectly that it made us laugh. Udah lantang, salah pula!

susan - indah - val - titin - nita - sisa2 perjuangan
So we chated and update each others with funny stories and talked a little business here and there. We planned to have another dinner and "extra stuff" when i visit bali again next time. Overall, it's a good day.

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Huaaa syirik Val syirik berat!

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Wow, so cool! I wish I were there. I miss Bali. Last time I was in Bali was 8 years ago I think,... hmphf,... hopefully I can go there for my honeymoon ^^

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saya malah syirik sama kalian yang masih di belanda :P

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