Monday, August 11, 2008

Workplace behaviour

I admire Rene Suhandono. I think that he is a good, if not great, career coach. I used to listen to his program on radio.

Here are some "tips" regarding Being Assertive on Workplace i noted while watching a morning program on O Channel which featured Rene Suhandono:
  • Being assertive [in this case: SAYING NO] is NOT an evil thing to do! Stop feeling bad about yourself when you have to refuse people's request came upon you.
  • You yourself decide your own career. It is not your superior that pays you; it is the business that grants you money. I believe that Indonesians tend to worship the path their superior walked upon, dishonestly...
  • There is no such thing as being TOO NICE! It's just another way to say "I'm stupid/silly" for letting other people to take advantage of me. This often happen to one of my closest friend, C. I hope she's doing fine with her current job. See girl, stop being "too nice"!
  • HELPING OTHERS IS NOT OUR OBLIGATION. IT IS OUR RIGHT. People tend to misunderstood this. Yeah sure, with all of those "lessons" we learned back at high school days.
  • It is okay not to help other people if you DO have other priorities to be done. Example: Don't go fulfill whatever your boss' wife crazy requests if you do have much more important matters and workload to deal regarding your boss' business. You work for your boss' anyway...
  • Working in the business filled with fake appraisals is not healthy for one's personality. Be careful, you may turn to to be one of the suck-ups. This phenomenon usually occurs on entertainment business as well as governmental business (esp in Indonesia).
  • Being nice is only genuine when it comes from the heart. Yes, it is quite obvious on the eyes.
Nicely said, right?
So, Rene, I'm looking forward to buy your book!

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