Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Miss Sister Italy 2008

I got this from my high school [STELLA DUCE 1] mailing list.
Can't believe what i read

Beauty Pageant for Nuns? For REAL?

Read the article:

AFP - Sunday, August 24 03:25 pm
ROME (AFP) - The first beauty pageant for nuns debuts next month with the advent of "Miss Sister Italy," aimed at erasing a stereotype of nuns as being old and sad, a newspaper reported Sunday.

"Nuns are above all women and beauty is a gift from God," priest Antonio Rungi of the southern Italian diocese of Modragone told the daily Corriere della Sera.

"This contest will be a way to show there isn't just the beauty we see on television but also a more discrete charm," he added.

Nuns wishing to participate in the contest should send their picture to Rungi, who will publish it on his blog. Internet surfers can then vote for their favorite nun online.

"You really think all nuns are old, stunted and sad? This isn't the case any more, thanks to the arrival in our country of young and vital nuns," notably from Africa and Latin America, Father Rungi added.

The idea of organizing a beauty pageant had been pushed by the nuns themselves, he said, adding he expected roughly 1,000 candidates.

"I hope the next (pageant) won't just take place online but that we can organize a real show that can take place during the Miss Italy contest," Rungi said.

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Father Rungi, what message are you trying to convey? That nuns can be fun?
I say: Nuns are NOT suppose to be FUN.

Nuns suppose to be motherly, nurturing, rigid, devoted, and orthodox. Maybe they can be flexible, but no indication of FUN. I know this by heart after spending my entire school years in Catholic school - especially those wonderful 3 years at STECE 1 [girls only] and its dorm - surrounded by nuns...

What do you say?

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