Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Public transport in Jakarta? Terrifying enough.

Everyday is a same thing horrible experience.
Especially when one is using public transportation.

I am talking about the traffic jam itself which is already a pain in the ass. Nor the "unlicensed" motorbikes running around like mad men if not being forced to obey road rules. Nor the un-manner pedestrians crossing the street as they like, walking as if the road is theirs alone.

I am talking about what happened in between - in cars, in buses, in "angkot"s. Specifically referring to public transportation, a mass of people - unknown origins, motives, and destinations - jumped in. They ride together, side by side with strangers. Some strangers are just common people, while some others are there to make a living. Make a living? Yes, by singing [which is very much acceptable], by selling stuffs [also acceptable], and by being a malicious criminal. Pickpockets, as they say, spreads on dense buses. For example: 213 - the bus i take almost every single day to work.

GOD protects me, i know. I know it since i've experience some quite terrifying rides... and survived it :)

Some maybe-somewhat-useful TIPS, esp. for girls who travel alone with public transportation:
  • Watch your bag at all time. Make sure that the zipperhead is located where you can see it.
  • Use bag with side pockets placed close to your body. There shall you put your coins and spare money for your ride - put it there beforehand. Therefore you are not going to unzip your bag and reveal whatever it is that you bring [tempting jewels, delicious wallet, or super expensive mobile phone] to foreigners.
  • Lose that cute innocent weak face and put on a "preman" face. As much as you can, do not show fear in your eyes when "odd" people approaches. Speak with clear and calm tone if needed. Being cute and innocent will not be very helpful in such situation.
  • Do not wear fancy jewels that will attract them pickpockets. Just put them on your bag, wear them when you get to your destination. Doh!
  • Have skills on martial arts will be a BIG advantage. hehe..
To be honest, if it is possible... I DO NOT RECOMMEND using public transports in Jakarta.
So girls... if you got the money, you should ride with your own vehicle, preferably car + driver [hmm... this is tricky, because drivers can be malicious too].
If you do not have the money, go find yourself a loyal boyfriend with a nice car!! Hahaha >:p

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Blogger bulan said...

or use busway........ :) that's my favorite loh :)
safer than public buses, and full ac.

if you lost something, just tell to the driver and they will not allowed any people to come out from the bus and go scan every people until they found it. It's happened loh :D

Crowded? well, that's the risk, but at least youre free from Jakarta's traffic jam :) (ehm, some of corridor seh.. not all :D )

9:27 am  
Blogger svya said...

ah, wish i have that kind of luxury!
sayangnya jalur ke kantor bakalan jauh lebih ribet klo naek busway :'(

maen2 ke kantorku klo ada waktu, k!

1:30 pm  

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