Sunday, September 07, 2008

A wedding, some good calls, and some very distrubing calls

Saturday, September 6. It's 7 something. Ratna, a friend from Bali, called. Giving me some tips for my upcoming event. Then it's almost 8 when Niels, a friend from Holland, called. WTF is he doing up so late [it's around 3am in Holland]. He claimed to have trouble sleeping. So, he's coming to Indo soon. Yay! It means i will get some things from C and also from Niels. Right Niels schat? ^^

I canceled my appointment with Ck to go to Gading and went to a cousin's wedding instead - together with my mom, sis, and another cousin. The reception was held in King restaurant - next to ibu Dibyo [ticketing] in Cikini. The wedding united two different families from two different cultures, Batak and Chinese.

Way back before the wedding was held, the Batak family was quite hesitated because of the differences and how would the Batak family accept her soon-to-be Chinese husband. I remember her referred to how my mom stood up, decided to be together with my dad, and survive the cultural differences, etc [way way back at my mom's time] till now. I actually shed a little tear there, just a little.

The reception was hectic, people eating and stuff... got me so confused >.<' The bride (kakak Elta) and the groom (koko Bani) looked so happy. The groom was so funny - especially during the wedding kiss xoxoxo. The food was all right; fortunately, the crowd was even more delicious than the food :P Banyak yang lucu [as i texted B] - ada yang botak menggemaskan, ada yang gondrong kewl, ada yang jabrik-jabrik berlesung pipi, even ada yang bergaya ala vanness [minus the goatie]!!! hohoho lumayan cuci mata sejenak XD

So after the dinner, and the flower toss [NO NO i didn't try to get the flower! am not a big fan of weddings], and the photo session, we said goodbye to families we know. Some tante i never know tell me, with a pressure, that I should marry a Batak. I smiled away. Dalam hati saya langsung berteriak, "Najis! OGAH OGAH! Gak Mau! Cukup!" - no offense to the Batak people, I just don't appreciate if people I don't know suddenly tell me what to do with my life.

I slept too much yesterday that the insomnia really kicked me last night. After watching 3 eps of Gossip Girl [Season 1] with my sis, still i couldn't get some sleep. And by the time i can actually close my eyes [2am, maybe...], RING RING... my sis bf called. JEEZZ! my sis left her mobile on my room. I discarded the call, and tried to get to sleep again.

I did sleep. Till some time around 6. RING. Another call from my sis bf. And another. and another. As if that was not enough, another guy setting his call as private number call me on and off and on and off this morning. Wrong number, dude!! JEEEEEEZZZZ it was really annoying. It goes on and on from 6 to 9. Bayangkan betapa menyebalkannya orang tak dikenal itu!

To redeem my anger, I spent lots of money buying lots of food in carrefour today. Happy now.
Fooooooood =^.^=

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