Friday, October 24, 2008

Haircut Project 08

YEAH, i had another HAIR PROJECT again yesterday night.

I've had this super long and boring haircut for almost a year, or two. Did little changes to my bangs, but that was it. So i decided to freshen my hair up after my trip to UGe. Yet, somehow i feel that my hair still looks BORING.

Then i met Juli and her bf, Fonzie, last Wednesday. Gotta love her new hair! ;) Her extreme hair, vintage look, and "indo" bf attracted people's attention at Senayan hahahaha

There and then i realize... I am doing my hair half way through!
What can i say, to have the extreme hair in Indonesia working culture is not popular at all. But i got bored and bored even more wach passing days. My kind-of-hair and my kind-of-clothing-style are my ways to look a little bit different than the rest of Indonesia girls [those with same hairstyle, same clothingstyle, same fake bright skin >.<'] Thus last night, after 9 pm, i got scissors on one hand and comb on another. I started re-cutting my hair into a different shape. Ear-length short on the front-left ;) want to make it even shorter but my mom will surely kill me! Don't worry mom, i kept my long hair long. I'm not planning to cut all my hair off short for many years to come, anyway hahaha. I'm planning to dye my hair to dark blonde.. or maybe blonde next month! hope i can get hold of the right hairtone.

my old hair, front + back - - - my new hair with extra braids ;)

Next, i also cut my sister's hair. I have been telling her that she need a new and waaaay shorter haircut these last few weeks. HA HA HA I successfully made her surrender to me and my evil scissors {:p

*knip knip knip*

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Blogger Julia said...

Hihihi love your new haircut! No conformity to uniformity! hihihihi apaan coba. Duh, Val Belanda begitu dingin dan abu-abu!

11:06 pm  
Blogger svya said...

baru baca comment loe nih.
kembalilah menghitamkan diri di sini bersamakuw

Viva Juli my motivator :D

10:43 pm  

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