Thursday, May 07, 2009

Wedding Organizer Buzz

I forgot to write this. Silly me.

Last week (May 2, 2009) my friend Yanto got married. Congratulation, btw!

No, I'm not gonna talk about how sacred the mass was.. nor how hype the wedding reception was. I'm gonna say something about the Wedding Organizer (WO). The WO was, in fact, Chika and I *this is me being proud*

Initially, we were only there to support Yanto's wedding... what he should and should not do; how to arrange this and that; fixing the D-day schedule and so on. But then it went on and on and on... Soon we realized that we were taking care of (almost) the whole aspect of the wedding! kyahahahaha

Even the bride and the groom were not as panic and as hectic as us (-.-)' ~nyeeeeh...
From schedule to seating arrangement to wedding singer to being just plain-pscyho-friend-having-fun-at-other-friend's-wedding girl.

and of course the wedding photo with friends -
always the silly one

That wedding was our debute to become a (possible) real wedding organizer hahahaha
Not bad... not bad at all ;)

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