Thursday, June 18, 2009

Prenatal Gender Detection. What?

I read an article in just now about baby's gender detector.

Alat Canggih Pun Keliru Tebak Jenis Kelamin Bayi

NEW YORK, — Enam ibu di New York, AS, menggugat perusahaan pembuat alat pendeteksi jenis kelamin bayi. Alat canggih itu ternyata keliru menebak jenis kelamin bayi yang masih di kandungan. Dalam gugatan di Pengadilan Tinggi Manhattan, para wanita itu mengeluh alat bernama Baby Gender Mentor itu ternyata tidak "sakti". Alat buatan Acu-Gen Biolab Inc itu dibeli seharga 275 dollar AS (sekitar Rp 2,7 juta). Seperti dilaporkan New York Post, Selasa (16/6), Acu-Gen sesumbar dalam situsnya bahwa alat itu mampu menentukan jenis kelamin bayi saat usia kandungan baru lima hingga delapan minggu. Pengacara Barry Gainey mengatakan, gugatan itu ditujukan kepada pembuat produk dan pemasarnya dengan tuduhan lalai dan penipuan.

First people guess baby's gender through how the mother look like during the pregnancy.
Then comes the machine. Through USG, the doctors can almost accurately predict the baby's gender. There are also amniocentesis and DNA test to diagnose any infections and abnormality of the fetus.

Now come along baby's gender detector. I looked it up on Google; the name's actually Baby Gender Mentor - Prenatal Gender Detection. This is what wikipedia has to say:

Baby Gender Mentor is the trade name of a controversial blood test designed to determine whether a pregnant woman is carrying a male or female child. The test is made by Acu-Gen Biolab, Inc., a biotech company in Lowell, Massachusetts, United States, and is marketed to detect the sex of a fetus as early as five weeks after conception. The test made a prominent media debut on 17 June 2005 on The Today Show and about 4,500 people had purchased the test by March 2006.

The company says that the accuracy of the test exceeds that of conventional methods, such as ultrasonography, amniocentesis, or chorionic villus sampling techniques, and that their test offers "unsurpassed accuracy, unrivaled earliness, and uncompromised promptness". However, they have not made public any clinical evidence to support these claims. Customers and scientists have questioned the accuracy of the test, and legal action is being pursued against Acu-Gen as well as a major supplier of the test.

Oh yes, it is still not accurate!

I remember how my little sister could accurately predict an unborn baby's gender. It was like a gift, or something like that. was. Maybe she was all so pure she can see things. It is the same gift that my grandmother possessed, too. I don't know, we don't know if my sister can still predict babies.

It is fun to normally play around and guess what gender the baby will be. Confused of how the baby's room should be: baby blue or pink? Green or yellow or white or whatever will do just fine.

Pff... what ever happen to "You have a boy!" or "You have a girl!" excitements?

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