Monday, July 20, 2009

The long weekend of the birthday girl

No. I am not going to show empathy for the blast victim of Kuningan that happened several days ago. Lots of people and media have done that for them. I have also put on Indonesian flag on my Twitter avatar >> how to? #indonesiaunite <<


July 18 - The day before the D-day
Too bad i couldn't be at Rannu's weeding in Bali. It's a little too much to ask for such a short notice. I did not have the money :P Anyway, Happy Birthday and Happy Wedding, Rannu!

But i did go to someone's weeding. My friend, Ruben, was going to play with his band on someone's wed in Bogor. Unplanned, i joined him along with Chikha and Zee. Ari was not around because she's having a weekend trip to Jogja [argh%^&@&*!!]. With a little makeover on the clothing section... [to be honest, we - Zee and i - were not prepared at all] voila! we became a "part" of the band! Good music and good food. Extremely good Zup-a-soup! and a glass of Heineken to top it off!

After the wed, we found it too difficult to lay off the night. So we decided to have a sneak peek at Public. Little that we knew that that was the last opening night for Public!!! They have closed Embassy, Wonder bar, etc. Public was the last one to go. The lot will be replaced with apartment. Too bad :(

With a little confidence, we walked to the entrance. Oops! It was invitation only kinda party! I worked on my innocent face and talked it out with the bouncer.. and voila! we were in! :D
Well, we only stayed there for an hour or so. Just needed the loud music and the dance/night life ambiance that haven't been felt for quite some time. "Happy birthday" hugs and kisses were given when the clock passed 00.00. oh yeah!

July 19 - The ups and downs
Started a little early in the morning. Went to church with my mom, although it's not my ideal time to pray. With an extremely sleepy head (!!!), i crashed again as soon as i got home. On my mobile, some friends sent "happy birthday" texts... very kind of them.

Still with an extremely sleepy head and not really a fine mood [since i've been waiting for certain people's wishes...], Chikha Ruben and Zee crashed my room with a cake, shouting Happy Birthday out loud! Kyaaaaaaaaa... that was the sweetest thing! *terharu - blurry eyes* T.T I shed my growing tears and sincerely thanked them :)

>> hopefully i can upload the cake's pic soon! <<

We said a little pray, ate the birthday cake together, then ate (this eating thing went continuously) lalapan with sambal and chicken my mom made, then ate more cake while watching Penelope. When we went to Karawaci to (originally) accompany Chikha to go on air, we (with no purpose at all!) ended eating more cakes and bakso :P More eating in the midnite... sipping fresh advocado juice and eating Nasi Goreng Keju Korned alias Juned! I never thought that we would ate so much that day!

A dear friend whose call/text have been awaited the whole day finally called me around 22.00. Two more hours to go, then i will not forgive you, girl!!! But another loved one failed to remember my birthday, as always :'(

July 20 - The closing time
The initial plan was to go to Blitz and watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! There was no line up for the day. Well almost all of friends have watched HP 6 on the weekend. We watched in Auditorium1, the big one. The place reminds me of Pathe, the grote zaal, and my movie adventure back in Holland. Anyway, the movie ticket worth the price of IDR 50,000 - a price that's considered quite high for Indonesian. A little note about the movie: Hermione's hair is getting better, i guess she uses hair mousse now. And Ginny.. she's taller than Harry!

The plan was accomplished with no harm done :) and I am so happy! Just a movie, a plate of Hoka-Hoka Bento, and a little chit chat before we all went home. Too bad Ari, you weren't there.
It was a lovely way to spend a long weekend, indeed.

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Blogger Zee said...

"But another loved one failed to remember my birthday, as always :'(" -svya-

Do you mean 'him'? I wonder who... We live in the same house, eat same food that your mom cooks, so I must know, indeed! ;)

4:13 pm  
Blogger svya said...

you guess right, z.

5:00 pm  
Anonymous bexpuntnl said...

so it's a he.
gw aman.. piuuuh... :P

7:21 pm  
Blogger svya said...

HA! you're the "A-dear-friend-whose-call/text-have-been-awaited-the-whole-day-finally-called-me-around-22.00.-Two-more-hours-to-go,-then-i-will-not-forgive-you,-girl!!!" girl.


11:06 am  

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