Friday, August 07, 2009

Jogjakarta: Preparation

I will go to Jogjakarta tonight, by train: Taksaka 20.45 pm.

A part of me is upset because i cannot go to Java Rockin' Land 2009 with Zee and Ari T.T
A part of me is a little excited, because i haven't been to Jogja for almost 2 years now!
However, in the midst of all the excitement, i am still upset because my best friend Lusy is currently not in Jogja. Meaning: I will be missing a companion, a free ride, and free lodging! :P *spoiled*

I only pack some clothes and will only carry a bag pack. The rest of my clothing is already brought by my mom and sister. Both my mom and my sister left for Jogja yesterday morning :)

Anyway, since Lusy will not be around, I decided to have a look at Trans Jogja. Trans Jogja is a bus network that covers Jogjakarta city and its surrounding area. The network itself is quite new, for about 1-1,5 year now. Last time i went to Jogja, it was still building bus shelters.

Please have a look below :)

>> Trans Jogja Route <<
For detail information per route, click here.

Trans Jogja also goes around to the airport (Adisucipto) and the railway statiun (Tugu) so it is easy for tourists or traveller to access. Cheap, too. Only IDR 3000 per ride, approximatelly 10 cents for foreigners hehehe (yeah, if you want to compare it to a single bus ride in other countries). I remember my high school bus ride in Jogja 7 years ago (Wow, 7 years ago!!!), the fee was only IDR 150... freakin cheap! and I was used to hang to the side pole of the bus with my skirt blown whenever the bus was too full.

Back to Trans Jogja. So i've printed the map! They say that we can also get the map there, but better be prepared right ;) Be ready for my next journal.

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