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12 days in Holland :) - Part 1

Saturday Sept 12
It's 5.20 am GMT+1. The plane landed 30minutes earlier than scheduled. After 16-hours flight with KLM, with a short transit in Kuala Lumpur, i finally set my foot on Schiphol airport. It felt very nice to be in Holland again after almost 3 years away. Haha... i said it like i am originally living in Holland xD

Somehow, i felt sad to hear "mind your step" ~* audio warning placed on those fast tracks. My student days were gone, along with many great memories attached to it... as if i come "home" to "nothing". But when i saw Niels and Citra in the arrival hall to come pick me up, i was delighted all over again.

After putting my stuff in de Baronie bed & breakfast - and added a little rest to that - we went straight to Rotterdam ;) sitting on the car, looking at the A4 highway... was so soothing. A good way of refreshing my aching body from the journey. Walking around in Rotterdam was fun - since i was acting as a tourist ;) visiting the kubuswoningen and the market, taking all kinds of pictures. Outrageous eating habit occur when we bought cheese (combined with olives, dry tomatos, and garlic) and kipbeling (salty fried fish), knowing that we just ate Burger King just an hour ago. I'm sorry, I can't help it! hahaha We closed the deal drinking coffee in Hotel New York. I loooooove the place :)

Citra's house in Den Haag was our next stop! She cooked a HUGE portion of mie ayam and forced me to finish it all and then ate Edwin's apple pie as dessert. I was incredibly full, up to the neck!

Niels dropped Citra n I back in Amsterdam so that we could meet up with our high school friends. Yes, apparently i have several high school friends living in Amsterdam area. We went to ESCAPE and dancing our feet off until 4 am. On the way back, I realized that I hadn't been sleeping for almost 26 hours :p

not so girls night out hehe

Sunday Sept 13

The original plan was to go to Brussels for the day. But suddenly i felt a little lazy, seeing how the clumsy windy rainy weather outside. So we decided to go to Hermitage museum instead. It's a new Russian culture museum located in Nieuwe Herengracht (Waterlooplein) area. We spent about 3 hours there, awed by the gorgeous Tsarina/princess/duchess dresses displayed - alongside with other stuffs, too.

*TAPAS oh yeah!

Alfons was next on the agenda. We went to have dinner in this cute and cozy Spanish eat house in Zeedijk area (the red light district area). The paella was enormous and delicious, accompanied with assorted tapas (ham, black and green olives, sardines, and octopus - all covered in olive oil), and of course Sangria! Alfons was very kind to "trakteer" our dinner ;) For the dessert, we walked to the little Italian ice cream place in Nieuwmakt.

*the name of the eethuis is Centra. Located in Lange Niezel 29, Amsterdam.

Monday Sept 14
It fells funny to go through an old routine: take a train to Hilversum Noord station, and then walk for about 10-15 minutes towards the office. Got a little distracted by the new round about placed along the way. The building stays the same, they're renovating and repainting it i suppose - looking at those high constructed poles surrounding it. Very pleased to see my M&M colleagues. At last, i got to put the faces to the names! The hall to the cafeteria looks the same. Although they replaced the old coffee machines to a more fancy ones ;) My dear wiener melange coffee still have the same taste...

After one introduction day at the office, i went back to Amsterdam to grab Maoz Falafel and its open salad bar :D my stomach was filled with all different kinds of food that day hahahaha

FALAFEL - my favourite :D

Tuesday Sept 15
The weather was quite clumsy- with extra wind blower i guess. After spending another day at the office, i went to Hilversum to drink some coffee in Hilversum with Rina and Prita. Then I hurried back to Amsterdam to meet Ika and to watch Inglorious Bastards at Pathe Tuchinski :p gyahahahaha... *trying to make some people jealous here* Using my Pathe unlimited card [yes, i still have it!] we gain access to the theater.

Lol, got my self dizzy during the movie - with the front row seat [the zaal was packed!], a giant screen, a movie spoken in German-France-and-little-English and dutch subtitle >.<' ROFL and no Dominik by my side to translate into proper English. Gotta watch the movie again in Indo!

Wednesday Sept 16
Late today! -.-'
Gotta go to ABN Diemen to manage my frozen account. Gosh! the procedure was so annoying, good thing that the guy was cute. An ease to my eyes :P hope everything's alright with my money.

I managed to take some reminiscing pictures too of my old student flat. De Kiezel, where we all met, became family and lovers and friends for life :) "Whatever happens in Kiezel, stays in Kiezel" Quite right, since the building will be destroyed and rebuild into some new fancy thing soon.

Our beloved Diemen and Diemerplein - full of memories

The train to Hilversum was vertraging (Eng: delayed) for 15 minutes already from Amsterdam. On the way to Hilversum, the train suddenly stop again for about 15-20 minutes at Naarden Bussum station. The train trip, which was supposedly only 30mins max, became a-60mins-trip! Ha, NS clearly stands for Nooit Stipt (Eng: never punctual). Imagine running trains in Indonesia hahaha...

After a training and "enlightenment" session of Selligent, my colleagues and I went to a Japanese restaurant at Hilversum. The name's Kimono - a teppanyaki, not a sushi place. We had a great time up till 10 pm when everybody seemed to be exhausted already. I discover Michele's great feet [compared to mine] and great appetite! Really want to have a second round of Japanese onbeperekt (Eng: unlimited) with Rina and Michele at Osaka :)

M&M colleagues

I went back to Utrecht that night, sleep-over at Rina's crib. On the bus from Utrecht Centraal to Rina's place, I accidentally met April Liping! I still recognize her short hair. It's so funny because we didn't get the chance to meet when she was in Jakarta the previous week. What a coincidence!

Rina's crib? Lovely! The red wall, filled with snapshots of her and Ruudie, the cozy super big Indonesian style sofa, the music instruments all over the place, the colourful posters and accessories. After a midnite chat session with Rina and Ruudie, I slept peacefully at Thijs' overflowing-with-toys room. Hope i can provide a room like that for my baby hehe

Thursday Sept 17

Bazar with my darlings

Had another great dinner today, with friends :) Ardy, Anita, Barry, Vina, Llyod, Ika, Shaula, Citra, Niels, and me. The place, BAZAR, is a Mediterranean restaurant located in Albert Cuypstraat 182. The Mediterranean atmosphere goes all through the 2-storey restaurant, with the enchanting scent from the Arabic/Moroccan/Greek/Mediterranean food presented in a huge and unraveling portion. The price was very reasonable too, around 10-15 Euro per dish ;)
*ok, writing this part makes me hungry... i need to stop*

see... this is how good the food presented. this one's Bizarre Bazar!

Friday Sept 18

It's the last day at the office. Had a free lunch with Indonesian afdeling and spent my last working hours practicing my new Selligent knowledge. Silly thing happened afterward!

Supposedly, I got to catch the train on 17.45 to Amsterdam - then meet Kecap at my B&B - then meet Citra - then go to Haarlem.

But when i was going to step out of the office, Michel and Niels told me not to. The train (esp. to Amsterdam) was out of service for an hour, maybe more... since "something" happened in Naarden Bussum station. We had a tip that it might be suicide! o_O So i called Kecap to postpone. But since he's a very kind person [and maybe out of activity :P], he picked me up at the office! Thanks a lot. Whoa, girls... don't you all agree that we need more gentleman like him in this world?

Since we're not able to catch Citra in Haarlem anyway, we had dinner at this Italian place called Vapiano, Oosterdokskade 145, nearby OBA-Openbaare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (Eng: public library). I enjoyed it very much! The place is a pasta-pizza bar, similar to Marche in Jakarta.

Each customer got a card, they can go around the place, decide which kind of Italian food they want - pasta, pizza, etc - which will be cooked before their eyes, swipe the card, eat and laugh and be happy, then pay in the cashier afterward. My cook was a tall, blond, white South-African lad, with a very strong British accent. He presented my Fussili Pesto met Garnalen en Spinazie beautifully. Gosh, it's yummy! Again, thank you :)

With extra full belly, we went to the B&B to take my suitcase. I have already said goodbye to Tuhami, the nice B&B owner in the morning, so i just dropped off my keys in the kitchen.

His apartment was very much of the boys' den. I was so happy to meet my darling friends - Bouvi, Pooh, Binsar, and Rhein. They're practicing some great music composed/arranged by Aras for their special show. After smoking pot session, i just sat back and enjoyed the friendly "student-like" atmosphere in the room. The big difference is that they're all working now :) yes, that is the thing i miss the most...

two of the boys :)

more pics on facebook *__*

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