Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Gadget Hunt: iPod

Last week, when i was strolling at Ratu Plaza (what was I doing there again? *think* Ah! was going to meet B) i accidentally walk in eStore, looking at those fancy gadgets from Apple. They said that they're selling iPod for 1.8-something million IDR. Wow... tempting, i must say.

I was walking out of that store when a "force" drawn me to go upstairs and have a little detour to iBox store. It was quite shocking to see the ad there, written in a blank paper...

"Sale - iPod nano 16gb 1.5 million IDR"

I honestly thought it was a prank! So i boldly entered the store, asking about the promotion i saw outside. Oh yeah... iPod for 1.5 million IDR, only applied for cash or debit with bca card. Suddenly the thoughts of having a beautiful purple yet affordable iPod were dancing in my brain like crazy. hahahaha...

The decision to actually buy the gadget comes few days afterwards. It was on Sunday, the last day of the promotion - they said. I went again to Ratu Plaza, straight from Karawaci - after wishing a friend "Happy Birthday", with my sister. Gotta take her to know what she thinks about the iPod colours.

The store was quite packed. Some people were there to buy iPhone since they're also offering a bundel sale with Telkomsel during Ramadhan. I saw the iPod outside - yellow and orange. Where the hell is the purple one?!?!?! Terrified, i asked the staff there. Oops, no more purple iPod available... I didn't want to trade the money i had on my pocket with an orange iPod. Dang!

My skies turned to gray at that time. But since i am a genius (hehe..), i took one of iBox name card and called the iBox store in Grand Indonesia. Yippie! They hold the purple item for me. Since it was already 3 or 4 pm something and the store closed at 6 pm, we had to rush. With a little sweat here and there, my sister and I then took a bus to Grand Indonesia to get my new gadget ;) We closed our sweaty hunt licking chocolate sundae at Burger King (again).

Lovely, a beauty.
It's a gift from myself :)

One down! Many more to go! hahahaha
Should save more money for my next gadget, hopefully a Canon SLR camera.

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