Wednesday, June 18, 2008

china vs japan

mo ke cina bentaaaar doank mo ketemu my beloved sister yang terlantar and wasted every other weekend aja susah amat ya? oh i hate her so much for not being here right now.

hum, knapa yah orang2 pada ke cina? bea ke cina. temen2 sma pada ke cina. temen2 smp pada ke cina. even niven, just read his blog, ikutan ke cina. the language? blah. the people? nyeh. the culture? most probably... nyeh. oh, got it! my extremely cheap goodies!

china is not considered on my fave list, all except WANG LEE HOM (yosh yosh!) and the fact that bea is there, studying whatever. well well mungkin karena blom pergi ke sono aja kali yah.

me prefer japanese culture, japanese food, japanese language, japanese arts, and surely japanese boys hauhauhauhauhuahua... i just contaminated edison's brain with Hana Yori Dango jap version. LOL. gonna be very patient before i can really go there. freakin expensive.
*sobs* eenbeetje te duur voor mijn budget.

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