Thursday, August 07, 2008

obssesion over coffee :P

I need my shot of coffee! Gara-gara Nia nih!

[updated Friday Aug 8]* DARK MOCHA FRAPPUCINO
among tazo tea, caramel frappucino, and iced water
location: Starbucks La Piazza

Tadi pagi browse-browse blog orang-orang. Pas nyangkut di blog-nya Nia... doh! Her writing about her depression over not-having coffee reminds about how much i love coffee hehehe Padahal tiap kali minum kopi pasti jantung berdebar-debar... tangan gemeteran... kadang-kadang bisa dreamy sendiri. Serasa orang lagi jatuh cinta wakakakakaka... Hmm... maybe COFFEE IS MY SUBSTITUTE FOR LOVE!

Suddenly, I crave for Starbucks Dark Mocha Frappucino Blended Coffee "finest arabica coffee, pure dark cocoa and sweet chocolaty bits" yummy yummy yummy! By far, it's my favorite frappe selaen Javachip frappucino :D

My sis said that rumour has it that the new and improved Binus will have either or Starbucks! kyaaaaaaa tidaaaaak bisa gila bisa gilaaaa

It's 3.45 pm. I just had my coffeemix :P

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