Friday, September 05, 2008

Want to know Jesus? Read this.

I actually never even think that there are such books!

There's "For Dummies" series, rite? the one to guide you to the web, the one to help you repair your car, etc etc. But what Nv and I found few days ago last week on Kinokuniya shelf were quite amazing!
Take a good look. Pics are courtesy of nv, with a little help from my hands. [Read his side of the story]

The Historical Jesus for Dummies!

Are we human too dumb to understand Jesus? LOL
Btw, i think there's another one about "Bible for Dummies" :P

And then we found another one, The Complete IDIOT’s Guide to Jesus. This one's even better! They even put on little boxes about W.W.J.D (What Would Jesus Do) and W.W.J.K (What Would Jesus Know). And since Jesus had lots of "nicknames" back then, they also put "His name is Jesus, a.k.a.". Hilarious, you think?

The Complete IDIOT’s Guide to Jesus!!

I think these book can be both useful and destructive - especially for those who really seeks for the Divine, the One, the Almighty. I myself prefer to be blinded with my faith, try to read the bible in which story i could never understand, try to live the live God's has given although, most of the time, is incomprehensible. However, you can still buy me these books. I am a dumb and an idiot anyway when it comes to God and his mysterious ways of working hehe :)
I do have a little side story about me meeting one religious guy...

* Mood update - - -
Am delighted. After several weeks, I can chat again with B and C. B just got back from her road trip [home, tan, fat - she said. uhm... sounds like my stat last week! hahaha], all exhausted and clingly - experiencing what Lina's experiencing. We're separated, yet we share same experience [see how connected we are? it's kinda freaky]. C's confused for her indecisice job interviewer... she need to be patient, life after school is though there.

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