Monday, July 13, 2009

Music hook-up: Gotye

Gotye is my recent music hook-up.

I first heard his music from Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 23, the ending part.

Felt so curious about his electric extraordinaire vocal, i browsed and found "Gotye". The name's very unusual, very European; sounds like "Gaultier" in French with a false writing.

Again, i looked up for his music on youtube to connect to his enchanting song, Heart's a Mess; the music video was also very 'semiotic' - symbolic and such. Listen to it carefully, close your eyes... you mind will be drawn into some kind of alternate realm where everything is both odd and soothing, especially when you get to the short yet crisp harp playing. He combined the instruments beautifully, strengthen with his unique vocalization. A solid touch indeed.

Here's what i dig from Wikipedia about Gotye:
Wouter De Backer (born 21 May 1980). Born in Belgium and then raised in Australia, Walter (as he is more commonly called) has been making music since his teens, first in moody local rock band Downstares, a fixture at underage shows in the North-East suburbs of Melbourne for a few years. When that band dissolved Wally started focusing on his solo project, cut'n'paste tunes that eventually would come under the moniker of 'Gotye'. (Dutch pronunciation: [ɡoːtijeː]).

He's cool. and talented. multi-talented. and i instantly love him.
And since love and happiness are only real when shared, i shall share his musics here.

Gotye - Heart's a Mess

Gotye - Coming Back

Gotye - Out here in the Cold

Gotye - Thanks For Your Time

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Blogger Oma Nia said...

Wah, Gotye enaaak. lagu males, kayak tipe2 muse gitu

9:18 pm  
Blogger svya said...

lagu males?
hauhauhauhauhauh ada2 aja kmu.

lagu males tapi it's not an easy listening type of music.

bagus yah :)

12:26 pm  

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