Sunday, August 12, 2007

4 hari untuk selamanya

Lina said to me, "You'll die happy because you have someone who loves you that much."

Up to this very second, I feel that everything happened back in Semarang was so unreal. Am i dreaming? Am i not? My hands are shaking, my lips are trembling, my eyes are blurring. It's like my body has been teared apart, i may cry all the way through the night.

I have a broken heart, but i got no one to blame.

If life is about options, I choose to hope. I know that my friends worry about me being such a stupid person as I am now. But those hopes and dreams of being with someone i truly love someway someday is the thing that keeps me going, the thing that keeps me alive. Even if that dreams will never come true.

Location: Somewhere in Semarang

I'm not ok. But i am gonna be all right.

Now, when i see other people's relationship, I can smile and say, "I know love".

I'm happy to know that you do love me, dear.

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