Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hangover days

Beberapa hari after Semarang serasa hangover days. bangun tidur rasanya beraaaaaaaaat bgt. baru semenit bangun tiba2 ketiduran 1 jam lagi, alhasil selalu buru2 klo mau ke kantor. kepala muter2.... mata rasanya gak fokus... hidung mencium bau2an aneh.

Bayangkan! Hari pertama ngantor yang tercium bau pizza hut. terjadilah apa yang seharusnya terjadi, pulang dari kerja bertengger dulu di pizza hut slipi jaya, eating soup and salad and creamayo tuna pizza. The fact that i'm soo broke could not defeat the great appetite within!

Hari kedua kerja, bau yang tercium lebih aneh lagi. I smelled yokko! on and off. on and off. it's weird that he's miles away yet it felt that he's with me. Mungkin karena dia blom mandi kali yah :P baunya sampe ke Jakarta. And he's out-of-this-world words explained everything ^.^ oh, i have to stop being cheesy!!

Hari ketiga dan keempat (which is today) gak ada bau2an aneh. But i (bea too) have constant crave to EAT! GOSH! If only my table is made of chocolate bar, it would be gone by now hehehe...

It's like i'm having speeless nights. It's been a while since i felt this tired. My dear bea said, "karena yang cape bukan cuma badan loe. hati dan pikiran juga."

Fortunately, there are things that lights me up. Especially karena bea bisa gue ejek2 saban hari, her "fans" are bugging her now and then. Their so-called serious attempt makes me ROFL. Hum... in our words, it's super najong XD

I but thank those guys who try to brighten my best friend's day up. Indirectly, they have brighten my days too.

And for the guy who holds my heart...

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