Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ngiler ngeliat vanness? saya juga!

B told me that Vanness grows beard! and it's awful!

So i check on one of his vclip on youtube Fading Into You/我不是自己 and wait. Loading...........
There he is. All muscle and very yummy! Such an eye candy for me :P

But wait a minute. Gosh! Then i saw the beard! NO NO NO! He's too cute for beard! what is it that he's trying to prove? that he's a man? Lol.. I love you Vanness... but please please please get rid of that stupid beard. Kesannya itu jenggot bo'ongan banget sih, kaya tempelan.

ok. Let's compare!

^This is the Vanness Wu i like^
with his long hair and toned body

^This is the same guy, plus beard!^
Hate him so! Tiba-tiba bikin ilfil. doh! >.<'

Another thing i realize is that Vanness is so good in his English, he sucks when he sings in Chinese. Boy, you better keep talking in English. I can't understand any word you say in Chinese wahahahaha :P [karena memang saya tidak mengerti bahasa mandarin, hidup jepang!]

Apapun yang terjadi, tetep ngiler liat Vanness. Tutupin aja mukanya dan jengot-jengot gak jelas ituh, nikmatilah badannya yang kotak-kotak ituh. sluuuuuurp!

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